Empowering Confidence: Bellezie Unveils Platform to Boost Trust in Global Plastic Surgery Practices

Bellezie revolutionizes plastic surgery with transparency, reviews, and global expansion.

A Swiss-born plastic surgery platform, Bellezie, seeks to revolutionize how patients discover plastic surgeons. The platform addresses the trust issues inherent in this industry by offering transparent pricing, peer-reviewed doctor ratings, and verified reviews. Bellezie is set to launch in Brazil and Germany in 2024, with extensive plans for further global expansion.

Mistrust, stemming from negative experiences and lack of transparency, is on the verge of becoming synonymous with the field of plastic surgery. This industry is notorious for overcharges, shady practices, and flimsy regulations, especially in developing countries. Paradoxically, developing countries witness the highest number of plastic surgery operations each year.

A novel platform strives to instill order and transparency in this field of medicine, unlocking its full potential. It verifies customer reviews and urges clinics to provide clear pricing. Additionally, it generates ratings for doctors based on specific operation types, incorporating hundreds of criteria established by a board of local advisors and esteemed practitioners.

Transparency and trust

Bellezie surpasses traditional doctor search systems by providing unprecedented transparency into surgeon qualifications and performance data. The platform thoroughly verifies all registered doctors, checking their licenses, medical negligence history, and other crucial information.

Detailed and constructive patient reviews

Patients can access detailed reviews that go beyond mere star ratings, offering valuable insights into their experiences with specific surgeons. These reviews include complete information about the patient's requirements, as well as all the steps of the surgical journey. The platform also provides additional information about the patient's body type, enabling users to compare parameters and assess similarities.

However, Bellezie does not solely rely on patient feedback. Since it recognizes limitations in patients' expertise when evaluating medical professionals, Bellezie addresses this issue by dividing reviews into two categories: doctors' reviews and patients' reviews That is, the platform also contains a board of doctors who evaluate the work of other plastic surgeons. This approach allows users to see the results from a professional's point of view, providing a more well-rounded view of a surgeon's performance.

Observing doctor’s growth and learning experiences

Patients can access the surgeon's educational background on Bellezie, including advanced training courses and current diplomas. Users can also monitor whether the doctor's experience and skills are up-to-date.

All the provided information undergoes thorough verification processes to prevent fraud and maintain the platform's integrity. As a bonus, prospective patients can even explore which associations the doctor is a member of.

Transparent photosystem

High-quality pre- and post-surgery photos showcasing the surgeon's real work allow patients to form realistic expectations. These are not just photos, they also contain detailed information about the patient, the cost of the operation, and body parameters so that you understand the conditions under which the operation was performed.

Convenient booking system

Effortless appointment scheduling with a clear overview of surgeon availability and the booking process not only helps the users to see when they can get a consultation with a preferred doctor. Bellezie provides insights into the doctor’s workload in terms of surgeries. This way the platform can offer a more accurate estimation of when the patient can have an appointment with the doctor for surgery. A convenient booking system streamlines the process for visitors, eliminating the need for extensive communication with people other than the doctor.

Direct communication with former patients

Connect directly with former patients to obtain valuable first-hand information and pose questions. Community engagement is a cornerstone of Bellezie, as the team sincerely believes that no matter how perfect the algorithms and systems are, human contact is ultimately crucial. Within the platform, users can participate in discussions and pose questions to both doctors and patients. It also conducts interviews with doctors from all over the world, and shares valuable insights on plastic surgery on its Insights section and Instagram page.


Bellezie strives to redefine the way patients find and communicate with plastic surgeons. Bellezie’s team eagerly anticipates assisting individuals in attaining the confidence and peace of mind they desire.

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