Elite Prospects of the 2024 NFL Mock Draft

2024 NFL Mock Draft reveals top talents, QB rivalry, and defensive prowess.

There’s no shortage of talent in the NFL, even more so with the list of elites coming out for the 2024 Mock Drafts. There’s star Quarterback Caleb Williams, who has stats to shake the drafts, Drake Maye, who is a pure passer with mobility, and even Jayden Daniels, who boasts skills by winning the Heisman trophy.

Aside from these three elites, there are more names popping off the list. So, without further ado, learn about the other players down below:

Caleb Williams, Quarterback

Caleb Williams is the top prospect of the year, and he’s been dubbed as having the level of Patrick Mahomes on the field. Moreover, his stats speak significantly for themselves as he has accumulated a QB rating of 82.4 and a 30-touchdown average - and that’s only in 2023.

This year, Williams continues to be the talk of the town, especially with the Chicago Bears having to decide whether to stick with Justin Fields or to take on Caleb Williams. Last year, the Bears had moved to great lengths, winning games with QB Justin Fields. One prime example is the game against the Cleveland Browns. Amidst the scrum of players, Fields was able to launch the ball at the last possible moment, earning the Bears a touchdown for the ages.

However, if the Bears are looking for quarterback stability, they need to decide whether to stick with Justin Fields or go with top pick Caleb Williams. Nonetheless, this decision will stir the future of the FanDuel NFL odds of the team.

Drake Maye, Quarterback

Drake Maye doesn’t trail too far behind Caleb Williams with his quarterback skill set. If you’re talking about season stats, Maye holds a QB rating of 79.3 and a 24-touchdown average for 3,608 yards. Moreover, he heads off into the NFL Draft after two seasons as the Tar Heels’ starter.

Drake Maye first started to gain the reins during his 2022 campaign, where he went for 10 touchdowns in the first two games. In the same year, he guided the team to a 9-1 start and the second Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Championship Game.

Additionally, with two quarterbacks taking the top two spots in the NFL Draft, comparisons between the two players (Williams and Maye) became inevitable. Here, AFC scouts boil down their plays on structure and improvisation. For Maye, running structural plays is as easy as breathing, whereas Williams gets the point for improvising and extending big plays.

Jayden Daniels, Quarterback

It’s no surprise how QB Jayden Daniels made it into the top spots of the Drafts when his record boasts his skill. In 2023, the senior QB won himself the Heisman Trophy, becoming the third LSU player to do so. He completed 236 out of 327 passes, 40 touchdowns, and four interceptions while rushing for 1,134 yards. Moreover, his Heisman passer rating remains one of the best in history.

The same year, Daniels won the Walter Camp Player of the Year and the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award. It doesn’t end there, as he earned himself a 95.6 QB rating and a 40-touchdown average for 3,812 yards in 2023. With these, he solidified his QB skills and became a sought-after player in the big leagues.

Marvin Harrison Jr., Wide Receiver

During the 2023 Heisman, Marvin Harrison Jr. stands tall as the only wide receiver among a list filled with quarterbacks. Moreover, that isn’t the only prestigious award Harrison received in the same year. He was named Big Ten Receiver of the Year and Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year.

He was also a finalist for the 2023 Biletnikoff Award, a title given to the best pass catchers in college football. To earn the spot, the wide receiver scored 67 catches in 1,211 receiving yards and finished with 14 touchdown receptions. This year, he stuns as the fourth pick in the NFL Mock Drafts.

Laiatu Latu, Edge Rusher

Pick five goes to Edge Rusher Laiatu Latu, who is on his way to stardom, earning titles left and right in the NCAAF. In his 2023 campaign with the UCLA Bruins, Latu stacked the Lombardi Trophy and the Hendricks Award as the best defensive lineman. He joined Maryland’s Taulia Tagovailoa as the Polynesian College Football Player of the Year.

The edge runner also concluded his 2023 with a bang when he was named the 2023 Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. This goes to say he dominated the season with 21.5 tackles and 13 sacks. With this, Latu proves his effectiveness and strength in defense, which makes him a first-round pick in the drafts.

Final Thoughts

Regarding the NFL Mock Drafts, teams and coaches gravitate toward the most skilled players who will bring out a promising future. This year, the top five spots go to the elite players mentioned above.

Likewise, there will be more to unpack when the regular season ends, locking in the draft positions for all the teams. In the meantime, check in with new trade updates and prospect changes.

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