Improving Performance and Sanitization of Dairy Parlor with PVC Panels

Dairy parlor maintenance with Duramax PVC Panels: durability, hygiene, efficiency, sustainability.

Disinfection and cleaning of dairy parlors are imperative in extending the lifespan of machinery, ensuring the well-being of lactating animals, and improving overall milk quality. Furthermore, regular dairy parlor maintenance is important for keeping the dairy facility clean and stain-free. Overlooking maintenance for a long period may pave the way for dirt, debris, and microbes intrusion inside the dairy parlor. Because of this, there is a degradation in the efficiency and performance of the overall dairy parlor.

If you own a dairy parlor in the US, there is a need for a preventive maintenance plan that keeps the facility in good condition in the years to come. Covering the maintenance needs with PVC dairy wall panels helps you reap good results in the long run. The popularity of PVC panels is here to stay and continues to add great value to the dairy industry. The panels have a high vinyl formulation that gives unparalleled strength and rigidity to the interiors. In addition, the panels are bright-looking, thin cladding materials suitable for the aesthetic improvement of the dairy parlor. Read more and find out more about PVC panel installation for dairy parlors.

  1. PVC Panels Do Not Allow Moisture Build-Up- Give Damp-Free Facility

A dairy parlor with no ventilation creates huge nuisances. The absence of inadequate ventilation affects the milk composition quality drastically. Milk composition mainly includes protein, fat, and non-fat milk solids. Changes in the milk composition lead to reduced milk quality. In addition, dairy animals suffer from high humidity. Any disturbance between the metabolic heat production inside the dairy animals and dissipation to the surroundings results in heat stress under humid climates.

Safeguard the dairy parlor from the ill effects of humidity with dairy vinyl panels. PVC wall and ceiling panels do not have a wall backing board below. Furthermore, the panels have a pores-free finish that does not lock moisture inside them. Covering the dairy parlors with PVC panels allows you to keep the excessive moisture growth away due to excellent moisture resistance. Besides, the panels have an antibacterial coating that fights mildew, mold, and bacteria growth.

2.Good Fire-Resistant Property

A dairy parlor with no fire safety measures causes more damage than usual. PVC wall and ceiling panels have a Class-A fire rating and can resist fire accidents for 1 hour. Additionally, the panels do not produce carbon monoxide, soot, and other harmful compounds when exposed to fire.

3.Eco-Friendly Panels-Provide Better Sustainability

PVC panels have given drywalls and FRP panels a competitive edge for being environmentally friendly. Duramax PVC wall panels do not generate waste during the decomposition stage. Moreover, the panels produce a low carbon footprint and can easily be recycled up to seven times. By investing in PVC panels, you are contributing your role towards environmental sustainability.

4.Easy and Hassle-Free Installation Process

PVC wall and ceiling panels do not give you headaches due to installation. The panels are based on tongue and groove interlocking technology, allowing panels to attach to the studs. Besides, there is no need for backer board, such as plywood. One local contractor can easily finish the installation of PVC panels within a day. Moreover, PVC panel installation does not need adhesives, taping, mudding, etc. to install the panels.

Duramax PVC Wall Panels- Get PVC Panels for a Safe and Secured Dairy Parlor

Duramax PVC Panels aims to provide you with FDA-compliant, CFIA, and ASTM-certified PVC panels suitable for areas that demand hygiene and safety measures. Duramax PVC Panels are suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, such as dairy parlors, meat packaging units, commercial kitchens, breweries, laundromats, warehouses, etc. Moreover, Duramax PVC Panels are lightweight, facilitating smooth installation and transportation. The panels are unaffected by moisture, mildew, chemicals, and other toxins.

Affordable Investment

Duramax PVC Wall Panels are a one-time investment. They give you a lifetime of performance and value for money. In addition, Duramax PVC panels offer you 50% labor savings and 40% material expenses, which is a boon.

Hassle-Free Delivery of PVC Wall Panels

Duramax PVC Panels are manufactured in the US factory. The panels are timely dispatched from the factory to your destination in two weeks at manufacturer-direct rates. Besides, we also provide a $ 25,000 money-back guarantee.

Conclusion-Summing Up

Check out the Duramax PVC Wall Panels website and get your personalized PVC dairy board panels today. Duramax PVC Panels have a 16-inch breadth and ½-inch broadness and are custom-made in various construction lengths. Finding it difficult to get an installer? Visit us and enter the zip code to get your nearby installer. Many dairy parlor owners have switched to Duramax PVC Panels from traditional panels and are satisfied with their unmatched insulation and durability. Book a free consultation to learn more.

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