NaturElan and Nobel laureate announce the world’s first premiere of Natur-AktivTM – the innovative eye care product

NaturElan, one of Germany's leading brands of high-quality nutritional supplements, and Nobel Prize-winning chemist Avram Hershko have officially announced a strategic collaboration

NaturElan, one of Germany's leading brands of high-quality nutritional supplements, and Nobel Prize-winning chemist Avram Hershko have officially announced a strategic collaboration: Avram Hershko joins as the special honorary scientist of NaturElan. Avram Hershko, the 2004 Nobel Prize winner and a member of the American Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other national academies, is currently a professor of biochemistry at the New York University School of Medicine.
In the long history of scientific research on humans, there have been 25 Nobel Prize winners in the field of protein engineering and the resulting medical applications. With his scientific research and work, Professor Hershko has created and documented a milestone in the theoretical model of metabolic repair. He was able to prove that the breakdown of proteins in the human body leads to cancer, muscle and neurological diseases, as well as immune diseases and other inflammations. His groundbreaking discoveries in this area led to the well-deserved award of the coveted Nobel Prize and provides a deeper understanding of the connections between the biological processes in the human body. The resulting results for cell repair in people can be used for better treatment and significantly ensure an improved development of active peptides, which are directly involved in certain processes in the body and fulfil a physiological function.

The Nobel Prize winner's scientific research brings a new dimension to product development

With the start of the collaboration with Professor Hershko, the German NaturElan research team will focus on the development of new active ingredients, targeting, penetration and other nutrient delivery technologies, adhering to the concept of science and technology and nature, and based on the Nobel Prize-level research results of ubiquitin regulating protein degradation mechanism, in-depth research on ingredients such as active peptides and small proteins Applications in metabolism, repair, anti-aging, immunity and other directions lead the development of the industry, empower products, and protect the high-quality and healthy life of hundreds of millions of families.

An example of the use of active peptides is the different molecular weight between amino acids and proteins. As a fragment of protein, its biological activity can be directly entered into cells. From a functional point of view, small molecule active peptides also have the ability to regulate human development, immune regulation, metabolism and Neurotransmission and other abilities; in terms of absorption and utilization, small molecule active peptides have a simple structure and small molecular weight, and can quickly penetrate the small intestinal mucosal barrier to achieve the "double high" absorption: high content and high rate.

German technology and strict quality controls, alongside the scientific approach, have become a strong driver for the global development of the NaturElan brand

On the global market for dietary supplements, German products have the highest quality due to strict guidelines and specifications. This is also achieved through strict compliance with EU certification and testing standards, as well as through the highly standardized procurement of the selected raw materials, which gains consumer trust and leads to high customer loyalty.

PG-Naturpharma GmbH and the NaturElan brand are committed to the global image of German quality. Technology-driven product innovation, strict and professional compliance with all quality specifications, work on further patented product formulations, and the world's best selection of natural raw materials are the focus here . The intensive cooperation with the 4 leading independent German laboratories also ensures compliance with these strict standards in terms of product quality control of the exclusively natural raw materials and the production and extraction processes used. The standards here are in accordance with the regulatory authorities in Germany and the EU, such as the European Union organic certificate, SGS (Switzerland), US-FDA, GMP, HACCP, ISO system, as well as other internationally recognized quality certificates.

The world’s first premiere of Natur-Aktiv™, an new eye care product through research results at Nobel Prize-level

The new Natur-Aktiv™ eye care product from the NaturElan brand is the world premiere of a proprietary technology that aims to use the nutrient delivery system to enhance the bioavailability of active ingredients such as lutein through the targeting and penetrating synergistic capabilities of active peptides. It is combined with the German eye protection model to protect vision health with a healthy living paradigm. This is the first time that the brand has successfully transformed Professor Hershko’s Nobel Prize-level scientific research results into Natur-Aktiv technology, applied it to the eye protection needs of different segments of the population, deeply combined active peptides, and created precise eye protection nutritional products for people of all ages.

Thomas Wenzel, Managing Director of PG-Naturpharma GmbH, said: "The strategic collaboration between NaturElan and Prof. Hershko gives new impetus to the global development of the brand; In the future, Professor Hershko will also guide NatuElan to advance towards world-class research level based on the groundbreaking metabolic repair theory model established through the study of life sciences, and contribute the NaturElan’s strength to serve public life and health.”

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