Real Estate Entrepreneur Interviewed by Host Angelo Cruz on the CyberCEO Podcast

Marie Hoke Interviewed by Host Angelo Cruz on the CyberCEO Podcast

Successful Coach and Real Estate Agent "Can't Imagine Doing Life" Without Cyberbacker - Powered by Mission Matters Podcast

Marie Hoke understands virtual leverage better than most first-time CyberCeos–she began her own real estate career as a virtual assistant. Working with Cyberbacker was an "easy" choice, Hoke says. She appreciated the great communication from Cyberbacker, which prepared her for the interview process. "I felt like I wasn't going in blind," she says.

Hoke and Cyberbacker Reg shared an immediate connection during those interviews. "She was so well trained, so well spoken, so smart, so talented, so kind, so forward-thinking," Hoke says. Though Hoke and Reg were a match, they still had to work to ensure a successful partnership. Communication, Hoke says, is "huge." "She has to be open to talk to me, and I have to be open to talk to her," Hoke says, especially because nobody's perfect.

Reg helps Hoke with too many essential tasks to count–including managing Hoke's schedule, generating social media content, communicating with clients, taking notes, handling payroll, and more. "My health is better because she's there," Hoke says. Reg's work has made it possible for Hoke to focus on what's most important: her family.

Reg and Hoke have become more than coworkers in the three years they have been working together. "I consider her an extension of my family," Hoke says. "She knows my heart."

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In this podcast, the host covers:

· What was the process of interviewing candidates for your Cyberbacker like? What did you most appreciate?

· What are some of the key tasks Cyberbackers can assist with, and what impact has that help had on your work and your life?

· How can a CEO build a successful partnership with a Cyberbacker?

· What role does communication play when building a virtual relationship?

· What is the best thing about your cyberbacker?

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