Soaring Success: HERED's Remarkable Journey from Local Startup to Global Leader

HERED ascends as a global leader in Aerial Work Platforms.

Only by making steady progress can you reach the distance. Stay determined and keep moving forward, and you will eventually achieve success.

HERED Intelligent Technology Company Limited was established in GuanXian, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province. The company actively promotes the development strategy of 'specialization, serialization, and branding' of products, explores new paths for technological innovation, and concentrates all efforts to accelerate intelligent manufacturing.

HERED Shandong Intelligent Technology Company Limited is a modern manufacturing enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing sales, and service of Aerial Work Platforms. Established in 2019, with a total investment of 55 million US dollars, HERED is the first high-altitude intelligent equipment manufacturing company in Liaocheng City. HERED has five series of Aerial Work Platforms, such as self-propelled scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts, crawler scissor lifts, telescopic boom lifts, and articulated boom lifts. The products are safe, efficient, and intelligent, and can be used in a wide range of applications where traditional equipment such as scaffolding and hanging baskets can be replaced. The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, a 'specialized and new' small and medium-sized enterprise in Shandong Province, a municipal green factory, and a digital workshop.

HERED has established a corporate Technology Center and an Industrial Design Center. HERED is the deputy secretary-general unit of the China Aerial Work Machinery Association and participated in drafting the 'group standards for crawler elevating working platforms'. The company has passed system certifications for quality, environment, occupational health, and DCMM digital maturity level two certification. It is a professional high-altitude intelligent equipment manufacturer in northern China.

Innovation is the first driving force for enterprise development. HERED always puts innovation awareness at the top of its development strategy and drives high-quality development with technological innovation. Since its establishment, the company has carried out long-term strategic technical cooperation among industry, academia, and research with Yunnan University of Technology.

The company actively introduces various technical talents, including more than 30 double first-class, graduate, and other senior talents. Some of them have been recognized as 'excellent growth talents in Liaocheng City.' Currently, HERED has more than 50 R&D personnel, including five professor-level R&D personnel and 18 industry expert-level R&D personnel.

HERED insists on independent innovation, proportional valve descent control and lifting electro-hydraulic leveling control systems are used in the products. The whole machine structure is designed using finite element analysis to achieve stable and controllable lifting speed, and dynamic simulation and other means are used to ensure the stability of the whole machine. A digital dual-sensing detection loop is adopted for automatic detection and precise device control. The products have undergone 100,000 fatigue tests, as well as various tests such as climbing ability, pitfall, rollover, etc., and have now obtained CMTC certification from the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, as well as EU CE certification and American Standard certification, and have applied for more than 50 patents.

HERED has rooted the ingenuity spirit of 'dedication, leanness, and concentration' in its heart and put it into practice, embarking on a development path led by technology and created with ingenuity. The company optimizes the production process, strengthens the process and quality team, and implements 5S lean production management. The entire production line consists of three parts: structure, painting, and assembly, all of which have achieved a high degree of automation. In the plate placement area, plates and rectangular tubes are cut with a 6 Kw laser cutting machine, and the cutting accuracy can reach 0.5 mm. The advantage is that it can accurately cut and form in one step without the need for secondary processing. It is currently the top laser cutting equipment in China.

The mechanical processing area is equipped with more than 10 processing equipment, such as three-axis vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, general lathes, radial drills, saws, beveling machines, and tapping machines. It is mainly used for processing shaft sleeves and bolt connection holes, and is equipped with rapid inspection and testing tools such as general gauges, stop gauges, drilling dies, and special templates to ensure processing accuracy and quality, thus ensuring the consistency of post-weld dimensions and assembly weld dimensions. The welding robot workstations have complete self-protection and arc welding functions.

The key components are from the world-class brand FANUC, ensuring high-standard and high-quality welding work on the chassis and fork structural parts. The assembly welding tool ensures the consistency of the assembly and welding of structural parts and can control the assembly accuracy of workpieces to a range of 0.1 to 1 mm, which greatly meets product design and use requirements.

The total area of the coating line is more than 6,000 square meters. After the parts are put online, they are circulated in a rhythmic manner. After slide removal and polishing, the structural parts undergo surface protection through shot blasting, ceramization, electrophoresis, and powder spraying. Our spraying process is higher than industry standards. After the coating is completed, our products can achieve goals of salt spray resistance for more than 1,000 hours and outdoor anti-corrosion for 5 to 7 years without fading on the surface. All components of the coating line come from first-tier international brands. The powder spraying operation uses the Genma Int powder spraying system, and the powder comes from Aksu. The coating line can meet the company's annual production capacity needs of 20,000 Aerial Work Platforms. The assembly area is divided into auxiliary scissor truck assembly line, scissor fork final assembly line, and boom lift assembly line. The assembly line adopts KBK flexible hoisting and automated final assembly, and AGV handling robots achieve precise distribution of materials, greatly improving the assembly efficiency and quality of products. Every product produced is traceable, and the quality qualification rate reaches 100%.

Based on the customers' requirements, HERED aims to become the world's leading aerial work platform equipment solution provider. It formulates the service system and five iron rules of service management of '01314,' which means 'once cooperation, lifelong friends.' Always adhering to the concept of customer satisfaction first, we develop a mobile APP system for each product, equipped with GPS function, so that customers can manage their vehicles online and offline, and provide customers with fast, reliable, and all-weather after-sales service. HERED adheres to the concept of 'details determine success or failure, and service must be warm’.

At present, our marketing and after-sales service network has spread across over 10 provinces in China, and over 30 countries in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and other regions. We have sufficient spare parts reserves and resident service engineers to solve problems encountered by customers in practical applications at any time.

In the next 3 to 5 years, HERED will complete its global layout and gradually form an international integrated marketing and service network. HERED adheres to the values of 'satisfying customers and making employees happy' and the corporate spirit of 'proud in voice, sharp in heart, and virtuous in action,' and is committed to providing one-stop aerial work solutions. HERED is marching towards the goal of becoming a domestic first-class and internationally well-known aerial work manufacturing enterprise with a high-spirited and enterprising attitude.

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