SmartCom Revolution: Mayweather Boxing+Fitness Takes a Quantum Leap in Technological Innovation

SmartCom Revolution: Mayweather Boxing+Fitness Takes a Quantum Leap in Technological Innovation

Mayweather Boxing+Fitness, recognized as the fastest-growing franchise in the boxing and studio fitness industry, is on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough in scientific innovation thanks to its collaboration with Boris Kisko and his SmartCom Global technology. This partnership promises to redefine user interactions and elevate digital communications to a qualitatively new level.In pursuit of cutting-edge solutions, Mayweather Boxing+Fitness is collaborating with Boris Kisko, the inventor of intelligent out-of-home advertising and personalized digital marketing.SmartCom Global will be responsible for the modernization and implementation of the SmartBox digital equipment, including the adaptation of software successfully tested in the previous year. The foundation for the upcoming revelation of new capabilities in personalized digital marketing communications lies within Boris Kisko's patented SmartCom Global technology, developed for intelligent out-of-home advertising, AI-powered digital billboards. Everything is ready for a quantum leap in innovation and technological personalized marketing.As part of the collaboration's development, the integration of AI systems into all Mayweather Boxing+Fitness franchise locations is planned. This scientific approach reflects Mayweather Boxing+Fitness's commitment to implementing advanced technologies, recognizing the potential of AI, and the future revolutionary technological leap.Mayweather Boxing+Fitness is driven by the desire to enhance the personalized user experience of its clients. The confidence that SmartCom Global technology and the SmartBox technical solution are capable of revolutionizing user interactions based on data, personal characteristics, emotions, and current consumer behavior becomes evident and goes beyond traditional communication scripts.The collaboration between Mayweather Boxing+Fitness and Boris Kisko on the SmartCom Project signifies more than just a technological breakthrough. It embodies a scientific leap in user interaction and positions the fitness giant as a leader in innovation. As SmartCom Global technology unveils its digital capabilities, Mayweather Boxing & Fitness is poised to be a trailblazer, leading the evolution of the fitness industry into uncharted scientific territories. Stay tuned for a transformative journey at the nexus of science, technology, and fitness.

In Mayweather Boxing+Fitness you can attend such classes:
UNDEFEATED - A fast paced, 45-minute workout including 6 rounds of boxing + 2 rounds of fitness. Speed, Power, and a HIIT style design make this workout a high calorie burn session. Pace yourself. Challenge yourself. Set personal bests with Undefeated. 

STRONG - This 45-minute workout includes 5 rounds of boxing + 3 rounds of fitness. You will work at a bit slower pace with Strong with focus on punching power on the bags, and strength at the fitness stations. You also get a core/ab blast at the end, just before the stretch and cool-down.


CHAMP - This 60-minute workout is all about community, supporting each other, and finishing like a Champ. The Champ is a great mix of the Undefeated and Strong workouts. You will leave inspired and feeling very accomplished.


ADVANCED BAGWORK - Advanced Bagwork is a 45-minute workout where you will experience longer boxing combinations, more footwork, and Floyd’s famous defensive movements. For you to have a fun, inspiring first Bagwork experience, we suggest that you complete 10 workouts not named Advanced Bagwork, before participating.

In an endeavor to provide a comprehensive fitness experience, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness proudly presents a range of studio offerings aimed at fostering personal well-being and community engagement.

Signature Group Fitness Classes:
Embark on an invigorating journey with our diverse array of boxing fitness workouts. Designed for both effectiveness and enjoyment, these classes are tailored to help individuals achieve their fitness goals, alleviate stress, and experience an overall sense of well-being.

Open Gym Hours:
For those seeking an independent workout experience, our studio opens its doors for personal fitness endeavors. The entire studio space, equipped with a variety of fitness tools, is at your disposal during non-class hours. Mayweather digital classes, accessible on iPads, provide guidance for a self-paced 45-minute full-body burn.

Personal Training:
Take your boxing skills or personalized fitness goals to the next level with our individualized personal training sessions. Complementing our group classes, these sessions offer focused one-on-one attention to enhance your overall fitness journey.

Community-Centric Events:
Beyond being a gym, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is a close-knit family. Engage with our community through various events such as happy hours, workshops, and fun runs. These gatherings provide an opportunity to connect with the Mayweather Family outside the class environment. 


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