10 best car mechanics in Vaughan, Ontario

Top-rated car mechanics in Vaughan, offering trustworthy services for vehicles.

Your car deserves the best maintenance it can get, and you deserve not to be swindled out of your hard-earned money. Paying more than what is reasonable for an oil change just because your car needs a part changed that you’ve never heard of is absolutely wrong, and if you have been a victim of such practices from shady mechanics in the past, here is our list of the 10 best car mechanics in Vaughan, Ontario that will treat you and your car to the royal treatment without charging you an arm and a leg for it.

  1. Magnum Autoclub

The car mechanic and oil change service in Vaughan with the most adorable mascot you’ll ever meet. And its not just the mascot that keeps pushing us to go back for the car oil change and whatnot, it’s the incredible services you get. Magnum Autoclub understands the reliability and trust issues that stem from some bad eggs within the automotive maintenance industry, but that is not the case overall, especially with Magnum Autoclub. Everything including auto maintenance, repair, tire changes and oil changes are not only done satisfactorily and without overcharging or billing you for parts without your information. At Magnum, the priority is giving your car the best maintenance to make it drive like an absolute dream. No auto maintenance place comes close to Magnum Autoclub when it comes to delivering results in complete transparency, and for that, Magnum Autoclub gets the top spot on this list.

  1. Today’s Auto Sales and Service

They are another garage and car maintenance shop in Vaughan that have a solid customer base full of customers who swear by them. With their long list of services offered, including auto diagnosis, brake repair, transmission repair, engine maintenance and tire replacing and rotation services, this establishment promises the best possible services for your vehicle. Also great about this place is the fact that they provide free consultations, which means that you can bring your car in and get a free diagnosis if it’s having any sort of problem. After you diagnose the problem, the professional and licensed mechanics at Today’s will treat your car to good maintenance services, all the while charging you nominally. A solid, great place to bring your car for maintenance.

  1. Good Tech Auto Centre

At the Good Tech Auto Centre, your car is more than just a piece of machinery. Its an extension of you as a person, and the maintenance treatment it gets at the Good Tech Auto Centre is incredible. The garage provides suspension repair services, collision repair, body restoration and customization services that makes it a one-stop shop for all your automobile needs. Whether you are a daily commuter looking to give your reliable SUV some love or a dedicated enthusiast looking for some more power out of the engine, Good Tech Auto Centre does it all for the drivers out there. Check them out and you wont be disappointed at all.

  1. Autobroz Tires & Automotive

For all things tires and auto repairs, Autobroz is your trusted partner for excellence. With more than a decade of experience in making cars perform better on the road, Autobroz offers a wide range of services including wheel alignment, battery and electrical system repairs, exhaust jobs and steering and suspension repairs. By leveraging their extensive experience of dealing with auto maintenance, Autobroz always brings the best to the table in order for your car to outperform on the daily. Trust them with your car and experience a new level of quality maintenance services that elevate your vehicle from more than just a piece of machinery designed to get you from point A to point B.

  1. Everything Diesel

Not everybody drives the usual mom-and-pop sedan or hatchback, and some people out there really like their diesel trucks and SUVs. Since getting a good mechanic for diesel-powered cars can get difficult, Everything Diesel provides diesel engine repair services that are unmatched across the city. But that does not mean that they wont look at other cars. You get brake services, suspension repairs and even electric car services; they truly are the one-stop shop for any car you might have. It is staffed by enthusiasts, which means that you can be always sure of the best possible services.

  1. Cars 101

The best name in the business and certainly one of the best services as well! While Cars 101 is primarily a detailing shop, they also provide car maintenance and repair services, which makes them a one-stop shop designed to not only get your car running better, but also to make it look better when you drive off. They are especially well-versed with luxury cars, so, their prices might be a bit steep, but you get excellent maintenance skills in return for that. Great value for your money here in terms of maintenance.

  1. Gerry’s Car Care

They really do take care of your car here, so the name isn’t misleading at all. Gerry’s provides excellent auto maintenance and repair services, and boasts expert-level skills when it comes to passenger cars, sedans and SUVs. They also provide towing services, so if your car refuses to start in the morning, you can always count on Gerry’s Car Care to bring it to the shop, fix or repair it and have it ready, as better as new. They also provide diesel engine repairs, oil and air filter changes and brake services, so checking them out is certainly worth it the next time your car needs some maintenance.

  1. Mr Executive Auto Body Shop

One of the highly rated bodyshops and auto repair services in Vaughan, Mr Executive boasts a competent and experienced workforce that knows the ins and outs of your vehicle and can repair whatever the fault may be. Their prices are also very better as compared to some other autoshops, which makes them a hotspot for locals to bring their cars in for everything: from oil changes to tire rotations, wheel balancing and tire changes. They provide excellent all-round services.

  1. Master Mechanic Matheson

Master Mechanic Matheson is a pit stop designed to give your car all it needs to keep functioning to the maximum level of performance. Oil changes using only the highest-quality lubricants are matched with services that go above and beyond. They also provide engine repair services, and will take on cases where some mechanics may refuse to serve. All in all, Master Mechanic Matheson is one of the better options for car mechanics in Vaughan.


PAE comes in at the bottom of list, and while their services are good too, there is always the odd thing or two that might itch some people. Take your car there to get the best possible services; everything from general automobile maintenance to body customization is done to a higher standard at PAE, so check them out the next time your wheels need to be balanced and the oil needs to be changed.

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