SLUSH Launchpad's SL Pre-sale Round 2 Sells Out Early, Anticipation for Expansion of SASEUL Ecosystem

SASEUL ecosystem thrives with SLUSH sell-out, signaling strong market interest.

Second Consecutive Sell-Out Milestone Accelerates the Expansion of the SASEUL Ecosystem

Seoul Labs, in collaboration with SASEUL, has successfully completed the second round of pre-sales for its launchpad platform SLUSH on the 23rd, leading the crypto narrative in 2024.

SL, the first project presented by SLUSH, has sold out in both its first and second rounds of the ongoing pre-sale. SL is a coin used on the SASEUL, a Layer 1 mainnet, with 1.7 billion SL issued since the first block in 2022 and securing over 30,000 nodes worldwide.

SASEUL distinguishes itself from other blockchain networks with its unique in-house developed engine and technology, providing scalability, security, and eco-friendliness without hard forking existing blockchain networks. The successful sell-out of this SLUSH pre-sale strongly indicates the growing trust and passion in the expansion of the SASEUL ecosystem that Seoul Labs has been striving for.

Developed by Seoul Labs, SLUSH plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem, facilitating the entry of various Web 3.0 projects. SLUSH rigorously evaluates projects for technological innovation, business potential, and team capabilities. Projects introduced through this stringent selection process promote a safe investment environment and the development of emerging projects.

A representative from Seoul Labs stated, "The complete sell-out of the second pre-sale of SLUSH demonstrates the trust and interest in the platform. We are committed to meticulously introducing highly potential projects to elevate the SASEUL ecosystem," adding, "We plan to conduct a third round in response to the favorable market atmosphere, so we ask for your continued interest and participation."

Meanwhile, Seoul Labs is leading the promotion and expansion of the SASEUL ecosystem through marketing, community management, development, and strategic collaborations, contributing to the visibility and impact of SASEUL.

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