Academichelp Unveils Best AI Blog Writer: Top 20 Free & Paid Tools For Blog

AI writing tools, like AcademicHelp, redefine content creation, aiding bloggers effectively.

Picture yourself sitting in front of your computer, ideas swirling in your head but none making it to the screen – that's writer's block, a familiar foe to many. It's a frustrating experience, particularly in the fast-paced world of content marketing and SEO, where keeping up with Google's ever-changing algorithms is crucial. Writer's block doesn't discriminate; whether you're a seasoned writer crafting a piece for your brand, a student working on an assignment, or a small-business owner planning your next advertising campaign, you will meet the worst enemy of all – a blank page.

Thankfully, solutions are at hand with the emergence of AI writing assistants and software. These tools come equipped with features that help brainstorm ideas, organize thoughts, and even suggest edits, easing the process of content creation. They're a boon for writers and businesses alike, offering a way to streamline the writing and editing process. With these technologies, the blank page becomes less intimidating, allowing creativity and productivity to flourish. And who doesn’t want that?

Why Do People Seek Writing Help?

This issue often arises when there's pressure to generate creative, engaging content consistently. It's not just about putting words on a page but about creating something that resonates with your audience and enhances your brand's presence. This is where an AI blog writer steps in, offering features that help plan and produce articles tailored to your needs. With the ability to analyze SEO trends in some cases, these AI tools ensure your content ranks higher on Google, driving more traffic to your site.

For marketing professionals, AI blog writers are a game-changer. They not only generate content quickly but also align it with your advertising strategy while maintaining the voice and ethos of your brand. Moreover, the editing process becomes smoother, as AI tools offer suggestions for improvement, saving you time and effort.

In essence, AI blog writing software is slowly redefining content creation. It's a powerful tool that addresses the common problems of creators, making it easier for writers of all kinds to make their mark in the digital world.

Top Options: Best AI Writer for Blog Posts

The market for AI writers surely is flooded at the moment, which makes it hard to distinguish a tool worthy of your time and money from just another copycat. Especially keeping in mind the tight schedule of most creators, which just cannot be wasted on reviewing such a wide variety of services by hand. So, to ease that task off the shoulders of writers in need, here are the top 5 handy AI platforms suitable for blogs of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you are more oriented towards the latest fashion trends, exciting traveling to exotic places, or just lifestyle posts about your routine, you will find a solution for yourself in the list below.

1. AcademicHelp Essay Generator – Best AI for Blog Writing

AcademicHelp is a rising star platform that has already managed to establish its name on the market. Although the website seems to be heavily leaning towards students (hence the ‘academic’ in the name), the array of tools there can cover the needs of most creators. Apart from the AI writer, the site also offers a paraphraser, a plagchecker, and an AI detector, which are all essential for keeping your content polished. Moreover, the AcademicHelp Essay Generator is merciful to one’s wallet since users can try it for free and then contemplate whether they want to subscribe to a Premium plan or not. Although the free version covers enough of the bases necessary for most writers, the paid subscription does provide more creative freedom.

The AcademicHelp Essay Generator secures the title of the best AI tool for blog writing, as it provides users with a seamless text creation process that takes only a few moments. Moreover, every single one of the tasks is conveniently displayed on the side of the screen, so the user can swiftly switch between tools. This particular approach makes the AcademicHelp Essay Generator stand out in the crowd and be a worthy option to consider when looking for a writing assistant.

2. Perplexity

Perplexity is a valuable service for blog content creation that caters to the needs of writers looking for an efficient and user-friendly tool. One of its main advantages is its variety of helpful research features, making it versatile for blog posts focused more on education. Additionally, Perplexity stands out for having no harsh limits on text generation, allowing writers the freedom to create lots of content. The quality of the text generated is moderate, which makes it a solid starting point for blog writers who can then refine and personalize the content to suit their specific style and audience. This combination of features makes Perplexity a practical and accessible option for content creation.

3. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is like a creative companion for writers, giving that extra boost to bring stories to life. It's perfect for anyone dabbling in creative writing, especially if your blogs are centered around such topics. It functions effectively as a brainstorming tool and offers suggestions and perspectives that can enhance the creativity of blog posts. While Sudowrite can be a valuable aid in the writing process, it's primarily a facilitator of ideas. This tool is designed to help kickstart the creative process when you're stuck or looking for a fresh angle on a topic.

For writers aiming to add originality and depth to their content, Sudowrite can be a helpful resource. It's not about automatically creating content but rather about making the writing process more interesting with creative input and new possibilities. This makes it a tool that can complement the natural flow of writing, especially for those seeking to create blogs with unique and engaging narratives.

4. is an AI-powered content creation tool that serves as a versatile academic platform that aids students in a range of tasks from essay writing to coding, math, and science questions. The tool makes sure to provide users with a nearly excellent experience, thanks to its aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly interface and natural creation flow. is usually noted for its quick content generation and a range of useful features, including writing structuring and formatting, a citation creator, a reference finder, and a grammar checker. Additionally, it offers tools for math and science problem-solving. For a great price of $9.99/month, creators can gain extensive access to these services. stands out for its overall performance, leading it to such a high rank.


Designed primarily for academic writing, provides a user-friendly experience with a sophisticated interface and easy registration. The text generation process is optimized for efficiency, which in turn allows users to input instructions and quickly receive a complete piece of writing with references and citations.

While the platform is relatively new and primarily offers features like in-text citation creation, reference finding, and MLA and APA citation organization, its adaptability in outlining and referencing makes it a useful tool for blog writers. This focus on essential writing elements enables users to effortlessly work on and improve their content. stands out as one of the top free websites for AI-powered content creation, making it an excellent choice for creators seeking writing assistance.

6., famous for being a connected workspace, offers a variety of features that can be particularly beneficial for blog writers. The website allows users to create to-do lists, schedule tasks, and utilizes AI to assist in information gathering. While primarily not focused on essay writing, its text generation capabilities were found to be quite effective for creating clear and coherent content, useful for blog posts.

The platform's user experience is streamlined, with a simple signup process and an interface that is easy to navigate. provides basic text formatting options, allowing some degree of customization in content presentation so that it fits your particular style. The service is free with a limit on AI responses, and offers monthly plans starting at $10, making it an accessible tool.'s quick and competent text generation makes it a noteworthy tool for people looking for handy content creation solutions.

7. Humata AI is an AI service designed to help blog writers, especially those looking to create content from already existing document samples. With a simple interface, users can upload documents and get assistance from an AI chat feature, although documents are limited to 20 pages. The platform quickly generates new paragraphs and offers tools for structuring, outlining, formatting, and adding references, crucial for crafting organized blog posts. provides a free trial for processing up to 60 pages and a Pro subscription at $14.99 for more extensive use. Additionally, the AI chat assists with citation creation and finding references, making it a valuable tool.


Smodin is like a Swiss Army knife for bloggers, offering a range of tools to make content creation a breeze. With features like an AI chat, research assistant, reference finder, and a plagiarism checker, it has most things one could need. The only thing it's missing is a grammar checker, but it more than makes up for this with its text editing capabilities. Whether you want to rewrite, rephrase, or summarize your blog posts, Smodin makes it easy to tweak and perfect your content right on the spot.

Using Smodin is a very smooth experience thanks to its sleek interface, which neatly organizes all the handy features mentioned above. Signing up is the only way to access these tools, but it's a quick process, especially if you use your Google account. This platform is a gem for those who need a comprehensive, all-in-one tool to help craft and refine their posts.

9. Hyperwrite is an AI-powered platform that promises to help blog writers and other users enhance their text creation process. The site's business-like interface and unique aesthetic create a positive user experience, which only complements a well-organized workspace. Although Hyperwrite generates only around 100 words at a time for free, which results in a creation process that can take up to 30 minutes, there are no limits on document length, making it suitable for longer blog posts.

The platform facilitates structured writing and offers formatting options, including the ability to create outlines, which is beneficial for planning and organizing blog content. However, Hyperwrite's features are somewhat limited, with only an AI chat and a plagiarism checker available. It offers a free plan allowing the creation of 15 texts and 500 sentence suggestions, with monthly subscriptions available at $19.99 and $44.99 for more extensive use.

10. Quicktools by Picsart

Quicktools by Picsart is a service tailored for blog content creation, especially for those looking to add a visual edge to their posts. It offers a user-friendly platform that is accessible even to those who are not very experienced in design or copywriting. Their AI writer doesn’t only generate paragraphs but also provides a wide variety of marketing and business solutions, like slogans, scripts, emails, product descriptions, and so on. With Quicktools, bloggers can easily create eye-catching visuals to complement their written content. This service is particularly useful for enhancing the visual appeal of blog posts, making them more engaging and shareable on social media platforms. The simplicity and effectiveness of Quicktools by Picsart make it a go-to choice for bloggers who want to elevate their content.

11. ParaphrasingTool, despite its name, offers a range of services suitable for blog writers, including text generation, grammar analysis, and plagiarism detection. The user experience on the website is nearly flawless, with an intuitive interface that compensates for the lack of support chat. Content generation is efficient and takes only 30 seconds without restrictions, making it ideal for quick blog post creation. The platform offers a free paraphrasing service, but for full access, users can choose between solo plans ranging from $5 to $15 per month or bundled plans priced between $16 to $20. There's also an Android app and a web extension available, which improves its accessibility for blog writers constantly on the go.

12. Jasper AI, known for its business-oriented AI services, also offers content creation tools suitable for smaller bloggers. The platform stands out with its recognizable aesthetics and user-friendly interface. It provides guides and customer support to ease users into its features, with an intuitive text creation process that takes up to 5 minutes. While effectively generates the text, users still must handle formatting, referencing, and text organization themselves. The platform's toolkit for writing includes an AI chat, plagiarism detection, and grammar check. offers a free trial, but full access requires a subscription, with plans starting at $29 per month.

13. Tinywow is an AI service platform that caters to the needs of blog writers and offers various tools to streamline content creation. The website is smartly designed, ensuring easy navigation to find necessary features, with a dedicated chat for bug reports and suggestions. The essay generation process is quick but limited to 500 words per generation in the free version. The platform produces text with good clarity and spelling. Another great thing about Tinywow is that the texts are delivered in paragraph format and can be downloaded for further editing, which is absolutely necessary for bloggers. Tinywow is free to use, with the option to remove pop-up ads for a $5.99 monthly fee, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking for basic AI writing assistance.

14. serves as an AI-powered writing assistant, particularly useful for blog writers who are stuck with an idea but don’t really know how to get it out. However, has limitations in its generation process, offering only 15-word suggestions at a time, which leads to a longer content creation time.

The platform allows for basic formatting, including headings and lists, and enables users to add references to their writing. Despite this, additional work is required for perfect document organization.'s toolkit includes in-text citation creators, citation organizers for MLA and APA styles, a reference finder, and a plagiarism checker, all beneficial for enhancing blog content. The service offers a free plan and subscriptions starting at $8/month for 3000 words, with the price increasing for higher word limits. This makes a versatile yet affordable tool for bloggers looking to improve their writing process.


Rytr is an innovative AI-powered content generator and writing assistant, designed to create original content quickly and efficiently. It stands out in the crowded market of AI writing software with its ability to support a wide variety of content types. This includes blog posts, email and ad copy, stories, and much more, making it particularly versatile for content writers. The process of using Rytr is straightforward: you provide the type of content and some initial context, and the AI takes over, crafting the content for you.

Rytr doesn't just generate content; it also enhances your writing by automatically adjusting and improving your sentences. The platform includes additional SEO and content marketing tools, such as a SERP analyzer and keyword generator, adding further value. Moreover, Rytr enables customization of tone, creativity level, and language to suit various blogs and types of content. It is great for generating short-form content and outlines, providing a solid foundation for articles.

16. UPDF

UPDF is a one-stop solution for all things PDF. Whether you need to view, edit, sign, or annotate your documents, UPDF has got you covered. It's especially handy for those who frequently juggle different file formats. The conversion feature is a lifesaver, seamlessly switching documents between various formats without a hitch. But UPDF is more than just a converter; after all, it has an AI writer feature. It's great for those moments when you need to edit or tweak your PDF documents, as the AI writer effortlessly handles text adjustments and additions. This feature is particularly useful if you're constantly updating documents or need to make quick changes at the moment.

In essence, UPDF is an incredibly versatile service, perfect for professionals, students, or anyone who deals with PDFs on the regular. It simplifies what could otherwise be a complex task, making working with PDFs efficient and hassle-free. Whether you're prepping for a big presentation or just organizing your blog ideas, UPDF is the reliable helper you'll want by your side.

17. CopyAI

CopyAI is a platform initially tailored for business needs like blog post writing, email marketing, and sales copy creation. Registration on the website is a very quick and easy process, including Google account integration for faster access. The AI efficiently completes text generation within about 5 minutes. The platform produces content with good spelling and punctuation, though it requires additional polishing from you.

Limited to an AI chat for additional writing assistance, the platform offers a free trial with a 2000-word monthly limit. For more extensive needs, users can opt for a daily pass at $15, a monthly subscription at $49, or an annual plan at $36 per month, making it a great option for those looking for a practical content creation tool.


AI-Writer is a content generation platform that effectively caters to the needs of blog writers by creating relevant full-text articles quickly. The platform requires registration, but the process is streamlined and user-friendly. Generating content with Ai-Writer's AI system is efficient, taking only 2-4 minutes. While the platform delivers well-structured articles with included references, users must handle all additional formatting independently to perfect the post.

AI-writer offers features like a research assistant, in-text citation creator, and reference finder, making it useful for writing. It provides a one-week free trial, but continued access requires choosing one of the subscription plans, which start at $29/month.

19. Classace io

ClassAce io offers a suite of AI-driven tools, free for initial trial, catering to various creative and communication needs. One of its key features is the AI Essay Writer, designed to assist in crafting a range of creative content. This includes poetry, code, scripts, and musical pieces, which broadens the scope for creative expression in a variety of blogs. Additionally, the tool is versatile enough to assist in composing various forms of emails and letters that often come up. This makes it a potentially useful resource for individuals looking for additional help in both creative projects and everyday written tasks. ClassAce io provides a helping hand in improving the creativity and efficiency of your writing process, whether for artistic purposes or practical communication.

20. Editpad

EditPad is a text editor that's particularly handy for bloggers and individuals in need of a reliable tool for various writing tasks. Whether for crafting blog posts, managing more routine work, compiling daily lists, or formatting text, EditPad provides a solution. Its appeal is further enhanced by being free for personal use, offering a budget-friendly option for people who prefer not to invest in expensive software and are on a tight budget.

The software supports handling long files and is compatible with Unicode texts, making it suitable for a diverse range of blogging needs. Key features like undo and redo are included, streamlining the editing process for daily blogging activities. One of the standout aspects of EditPad is the responsive support team, which can quickly handle any concerns and technical issues. This makes EditPad a good choice for creators and individuals looking for a capable and convenient text editing tool.

Underlining the Search for the Best AI Blog Writer

Finding the perfect AI writer for your needs is crucial when you are primarily working with texts. It’s all about matching the tool to what you’re trying to achieve, whether it's penning blog posts, academic papers, or professional emails. The right AI writer can make a huge difference, turning the often-tricky task of writing into something much smoother and more manageable. It's about finding that writing buddy that understands exactly what you need.

Based on the list above, the AcademicHelp Essay Writer currently is the best AI for blog posts, offering a quick and easy solution for writer’s block. It creates high-quality texts in no time, proving to be an essential tool for students, creators, and even marketing professionals.

All in all, most of the journey of finding the right tool is a ‘trial and error’ process. Trying out various platforms, making the most of their free trials, and seeing how well they fit into your writing routine is necessary. You're looking for a tool that feels like a natural part of your writing process, one that boosts your creativity instead of getting in the way. It might take a while to find the right fit, but when you do, it can really make a difference in both the quality of your writing and how efficiently you work.


What is the best AI to write a blog?

Naming an AI blog writer the best solely depends on your personal writing needs. According to the top list above, some of the go-to choices would be AcademicHelp Essay Writer, Perplexity, Sudowrite, and Cacktus AI. Remember that keeping in mind the specifics of the blog, as well as the target audience will get you closer to finding the perfect solution.

Which is the best AI article writer?

There are many popular options available for AI article writing, including Humata, Jasper, and ChatGPT. Another tool worthy of consideration is the AcademicHelp Essay Writer which stands out when comparing its ‘quality-to-price’ ratio. It ensures users have high-quality text ready within seconds which is just what a busy bee like a blogger needs.

Is it good to use AI to write your blog posts?

Using AI to write blog posts can be beneficial, especially for generating ideas, overcoming writer's block, and enhancing content quality. AI tools can provide structure, suggest topics, and even draft initial versions of posts, saving time and sparking creativity. However, it's important to add a personal touch, since AI-generated content often lacks the understanding and unique perspective that human writers bring. Therefore, while AI can be a valuable assistant in the blog writing process, it works best when combined with manual editing and personalization to ensure the content remains engaging, original, and reflective of your unique voice.

Is it legal to use AI to write articles?

To put it simply, it is legal to use AI to write articles. AI tools are essentially advanced software programs designed to assist in content creation. Using them is similar to using any other tool or software for productivity or creativity. However, ethical considerations should be taken into account, especially regarding transparency in settings such as education or creative blogging. If the use of AI significantly influences the content, it might be good practice to disclose this to your readers. Additionally, people who turn to AI writing assistants should make sure that the tool does not plagiarize content from other sources, as this can lead to legal issues concerning copyright infringement.

Can Google tell if a blog is written by AI?

As of now, it's not entirely clear to what extent Google can definitively determine if a blog post is written by AI. In most cases, AI detectors show inconsistent results and can flag human text as generated and vice versa. Google's algorithms are continuously evolving and primarily focus on the quality and relevance of content rather than the source of its creation. However, AI-written content might lack certain human elements like personal insights, depth of experience, and smooth storytelling, which Google's algorithms might indirectly pick up on by analyzing user engagement metrics. Essentially, Google prioritizes content that is valuable, informative, and engaging to readers, regardless of whether it's AI-generated or written by humans

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