Revolutionizing Safety and Convenience: Rommbanker Unveils Cutting-Edge Smart Security and Automation Solutions

Rommbanker launches innovative smart security and automation solutions, enhancing safety and convenience for users worldwide.

Roombanker, a Dusun IoT company, proudly announces the official release of its new brand and comprehensive product line on January 29, 2024. Specializing in cutting-edge alarm systems, Roombanker is committed to providing consumer and business-grade smart security solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of residential and Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB) environments.

Rooted in a philosophy that marries simplicity with innovation, Roombanker's commitment stands in delivering premium, yet affordable and customizable smart security solutions. The collective expertise of Roombanker’s team—steeped in the security and smart home sectors guides Roombanker in pioneering cutting-edge wireless alarm systems and a holistic security suite for both residential dwellings and businesses.

Roombanker’s Value and Brand Promise:

1. Fusion:

    • With 1 App and 1 Hub, Roombanker provides a rich array of sub-devices, meeting a broad spectrum of needs— from intrusion detection to environmental and safety monitoring, smart automation, energy management, health tracking, and asset localization. This comprehensive system eliminates the complexity of using multiple, isolated systems from different brands, streamlining whole smart home management.

    2. Safety:

      • The in-house developed wireless communication protocol (RBF) offers an ultra-long, reliable, highly secure and cost-efficient solution even for extremely complex houses or buildings.

      • Equipped with a variety of industry-leading detectors with innovative technologies (IFT, Auto Sensitivity, etc) to reduce false alarms to a minimum, ensuring effective intrusion protection day and night.

      3. Easy to use:

      • Roombanker simplifies the user experience by consolidating management into a single app, easing the learning curve and enhancing user interaction based on thorough user-behavior research.

      • The system allows for customizable smart scene configurations, offering great flexibility and enabling efficient cross-device interactions. Users can conveniently tailor smart events to their personal needs, making home automation both accessible and adaptable.

      Roombanker's smart security and automation solution is a comprehensive and integrated system that provides users with a centralized and one-stop solution for home security, automation, and health monitoring. The system's hub serves as the central core of the network, connecting and managing all wireless sub-devices to offer a seamless and intuitive experience. With Roombanker, users can ”Define the Space in Their Way - Unlock the Possibilities with Easy DIY Integration Across Multiple Scenes.

      Discover the full potential of Roombanker's smart security universe by visiting Roombanker’s website at

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