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In the contemporary world focused on design and aesthetics, homes are no longer just a space of comfort but also a display of personality and choice.

RealtyReads, with its honest intentions, has become a trusted resource for homeowners with varied choices. The purpose is to help and guide the readers in the best possible way, turning the reader’s vision into reality.

From budget-friendly renovations to low-maintenance lush landscaping, thoughtful toilet selections to appliance troubleshooting, and being surrounded by greenery, RealtyReads is not just a blog; it's a transformative journey for every homeowner.

RealtyReads maintains stringent editorial guidelines, including thorough research/fact-checking, impartial perspectives, field expertise, transparency, and strong ethics.

Started With the Rise of DIY Home Improvement Demand

During the pandemic, life came to a sudden halt. Families found themselves confined to their homes, with no work, parties, or dining out. The only positive thing was spending quality time with loved ones.

Eventually, the monotony led people to shift from idle routines. They began fixing broken items at home, embracing a DIY approach. This realization ignited a surge in home improvement spending.

According to the survey, the pandemic triggered an 82% increase in home repair activities, a truly remarkable surge. Nearly 9 out of 10 individuals in the United States engaged in repairing, remodeling, and landscaping during this time. This indicates a significant rise in revenue and market growth for those involved in the home renovation and maintenance business.

Danny Margagliano, a seasoned real estate professional and the owner of Realtyread's blog, quoted, "We found ourselves out of work, and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, calls and emails poured in from our clients asking advice on home improvement and repair matters."

It is obvious that a surge in incoming calls and emails is a clear sign of a peak period for growth. After the heavy heat of the Pandemic, the door of opportunity started to open up for home improvement businesses and contractors.

Danny highlighted, "Our business not only survived the challenges but thrived, with unprecedented demand and increased client engagements. Interestingly, people leaned towards DIY projects more, choosing to invest time rather than money in hiring professionals.”

Recent statistics support this trend. In a survey conducted by Clovered with over 1000 homeowners, nearly 85.2% of people aiming to improve their home and property choose the DIY approach to cut costs.

Moreover, the shortage of labor during the pandemic, coupled with financial constraints, led many to explore self-driven projects. According to Danny, calls and messages flooded in, not for hiring his services but for guidance and valuable DIY tips.

From there, he had the idea to transform Realtyead into a go-to source for people searching for insights into gardening techniques, home appliance repairs, indoor and outdoor planting, and more. All the guides were specially crafted with a focus on DIY projects, offering valuable resources for individuals eager to take on home improvement tasks themselves.

Home Improvement Projects That Are Worth Your Time

Renovating and updating your residence has the potential to improve your living experience and, if executed correctly, boost your property's value. However, it's crucial to recognize that not all renovations are equal.

While certain projects can substantially increase your home's worth, others might have the opposite effect, potentially lowering the eventual sale price. This leaves homeowners wondering about the best course of action. So establish priorities for these tasks of home improvement.

Landscaping and Gardening

The definition of home improvement is not only limited to the boundaries of walls. Homeowners are now enthusiastically extending their vision to encompass not just indoor spaces but also the extensive backdrop of gardens and landscapes that surround their homes.

While the overall home remodeling market faced a downturn in 2023, there is a significant surge in gardening and landscaping – which is an integral component of the home improvement industry.

Encouragingly, the 2023 Axiom Market Insights Research indicates that despite inflation and the rise in both labor and product costs, young and novice gardeners are exhibiting a positive inclination towards spending more.

Nevertheless, a landscaping approach characterized by minimal upkeep requirements and cost-effectiveness remains the preferred choice for the majority of individuals. With inflation taking a toll and individuals grappling with work-related stress, there is a heightened inclination towards low-maintenance landscaping as well as budget-friendly landscaping.

Being based in Florida, RealtyReads understands the unique needs of homeowners in the region. Landscaping is also sought after in Florida as homeowners aim to increase the value of their properties. There are specific landscaping ideas tailored to Florida's climate and environment that can significantly enhance the curb appeal of homes.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and a homemaker is well aware that neglecting it leads to somewhat a feeling of unfulfillment. It is one of the most used rooms in a home, and remodeling can significantly update its look, functionality, and layout.

However, kitchen remodeling proves to be a costly project, primarily due to the substantial expenses associated with upgrading cabinets, high-end countertops, and backsplash.

According to industry experts, the installation of new kitchen cabinets typically ranges from $1,000 to $5,000. The cost variation is attributed to factors such as the type of cabinets selected—ranging from stock, semi-custom, to custom—and the materials employed.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), homeowners should budget about 15-20% of the value of their home for a kitchen remodel. For example, for a $250,000 home, the recommended budget is $37,000-$50,000, and for a $500,000 home, the recommended budget is $75,000-$100,000

In a statement from the owner of RealtyReads and a successful home improvement constructor, Danny says "Kitchen remodeling timelines are inherently variable, often extending from weeks to months, depending on the complexities of the project. For clients with an intent to undertake a full-scale remodel that involves structural changes, the duration might appear overwhelming transparency is key."

RealtyReads has recently published articles offering strategic insights for homeowners planning and executing kitchen remodeling projects. Addressing the concerns of cost-conscious readers, the platform guides them in planning and executing renovations without breaking the bank.

Additionally, in a separate article, RealtyReads sheds light on the timelines associated with complete kitchen remodeling, providing readers with a general idea. These articles aim to empower homeowners with practical knowledge, emphasizing cost-effective approaches and realistic timelines for successful kitchen renovations.

From remodeling the kitchen to pragmatic considerations such as sink waste pipe height, sink placement without a window and the nuanced decision-making involved in choosing the ideal finish for cabinets, nothing related to kitchen renovation remains unexplored.

Bathroom Renovation and Issues

One of the primary challenges in bathroom renovations lies beneath the surface – plumbing. Hidden leaks, outdated pipes, and drainage problems can quickly escalate, disrupting the renovation timeline and budget. Apart from bathroom renovation, the knowledge of successfully tackling many bathroom issues can provide homeowners with many advantages.

According to a RealtyRead expert, addressing bathroom issues promptly is crucial, as they cannot be deferred for later prioritization. Homeowners must develop the requisite DIY skills to effectively handle challenging situations. The expert emphasizes, "When faced with any bathroom difficulties, one needs to be able to tackle the situation promptly."

Indeed, this holds truth. For instance, if your toilet keeps running, delaying the fix can lead to a significant increase in the water bill and pose the risk of potential flooding. Addressing such issues promptly is crucial to prevent these consequences.

RealtyRead serves this purpose by empowering readers to build their DIY proficiency. From offering valuable insights into various toilet options to presenting comparisons of different tiled bathrooms, RealtyRead provides indispensable resources for navigating the complexities of contemporary home design. Readers can learn to address issues like a malfunctioning bathroom faucet and determine the optimal height for installing a shower head.

Home Appliance Maintenance and Troubleshooting

In the face of various home maintenance challenges, RealtyReads provides invaluable insights to empower homeowners in handling issues with home appliances. Often, when confronted with difficulties, homeowners may hastily rely on professional help without fully grasping the depth of the problem. Recognizing this common tendency, RealtyReads highlights addressing minor issues that are commonly associated with home appliances.

From deciphering error codes in washing machines to troubleshooting problems in dishwashers and dysfunctional ice makers, the goal is to familiarize you with these minor glitches. By understanding these nuances, homeowners can potentially cut costs on professional services, as well as gain a sense of confidence in addressing and resolving appliance issues independently.

Visionaries of RealtyReads

Danny and Michelle Margagliano make up a husband-and-wife real estate team with 16+ years of selling properties in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. They specialize in investment properties used for short-term vacation rentals.

Over their 16 years in real estate, Danny and Michelle have assisted hundreds of families in enhancing their properties. They have lent their expertise to first-time homebuyers on critical renovations needed to modernize aging houses. They have guided new luxury build contractors on designing vacation rentals with the finishes and amenities demanded by discerning travelers.

Danny and Michelle have also helped homeowners breathe new life into outdated kitchens with expansive island counters and high-end appliances. They have helped homeowners optimize their outdoor oasis with stylish patio sets, fire pits, and infinity edge pools. No project is too small or large - they have aided in everything from minor cosmetic upgrades like backsplash tile and barn door installation to whole home gut renovations.

Owning a successful rental requires properties must have aesthetically pleasing interiors/exteriors and working amenities. Danny and Michelle guide customers through necessary upgrades for profitable vacation rentals. They now aim to pass on their practical knowledge to readers seeking home advice through Realtyread and many other blogs.

The objective is very simple and clear, providing consistent, valuable information and empowering thousands to upgrade their home for better family living. They are committed to accurate, reliable content for informed decisions.

What Makes RealtyReads Special

Complete Home Guidance

Whether you're puzzled by malfunctioning appliances or seeking to nurture the perfect indoor garden, RealtyReads offers end-to-end coverage on every aspect of home improvement. The articles provide actionable insights, how-to's, and buying guides to help homeowners tackle any residential project, from simple handy work to ambitious renovations.

Real-Life Tips that Work

The contents of Realtyread are not just filler or fluff. Every article aims to give homeowners usable instructions, recommendations, and inspiration for progressing to the next step. Realtyreads backs the writing with real-world knowledge of what works when upgrading everything from lighting fixtures to floor plans.

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