Economic Engagement Leader Bill Fotsch Interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Podcast

Bill Fotsch was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Podcast

Bill Fotsch unveils the importance of impactful employee engagement and explains why it’s wise to consider purpose over perks.

Bill Fotsch, Founder of Economic Engagement LLC, was interviewed by leading LA-based podcaster Adam Torres of Mission Matters Business Podcast regarding the intricacies of true employee engagement in the modern workplace.

Bill Fotsch says his primary mission is to improve business results and the lives of the employees that drive those results by partnering with employees to serve customers profitably. This ensures effective engagement with employees around the purpose of any business. He believes benefits alone don’t foster employee commitment and argues that basic employee engagement metrics like the Gallup G-12 have stagnated over time and miss the mark.

Bill’s research with Harvard Business School has provided a tool where any company can assess their Economic Engagement and consequent opportunity for improvement. Bill emphasizes the importance of purpose alignment, starting with customer engagement. On today's episode of Mission Matters, he dives into the reasons employees prefer a deeper sense of purpose over transient and superficial perks, and further, explains how businesses can pivot to address underlying needs.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

  • The origins of Bill Fotsch’s passion for employee engagement

  • The driving force and vision behind Economic Engagement

  • The tangible differences between traditional employee engagement and Economic Engagement’s approach

  • Practical methodologies businesses can implement to integrate Economic Engagement principles

  • How a shift in perspective can drive better business outcomes

  • Case studies/anecdotes illustrating Economic Engagement’s transformative impact

  • The roadmap Fotsch envisions for the future

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