When Data Repair Tools meet AI Technology, is it just a gimmick?

Looking for a AI repair tool that can help you repair and restore your corrupted files?


AI has taken the entire world by reaching all sectors and data repair is not an exception. A lot of AI-based data repair tools are now available to help you get back the lost glory of your corrupted files, be it photos, videos, documents, or others. With the myriad of options available with regards to AI data repair tools, choosing one can be a confusing task and a lot of these tools do not stand in front of the tall claims they made.

So, to help you overcome the confusion and get your files repaired excellently, in this article we will take you through one of the best tools, Wondershare Repairit. Also, we would compare this software with a few popular other ones. So, stay tuned!!

Part 1. When Data Repair Meets Innovation, what can we look forward to?

When it comes to repairing damaged and corrupted files, always rely on the best tool and Wondershare Repairit is just apt for this. This is an excellent powerful desktop software that helps repair corrupted images, videos, documents, emails, and other files using its latest AI-based algorithms and models.

The years of experience and patented data repair technology of the software ensure that files stored on all types of devices including SD cards, flash drives, computers, and others are successfully repaired, irrespective of the type of issue of corruption like files inaccessible, not playing, blurred images, videos with missing audio, and more. An online version of the tool for quick tasks is also available, though with relatively fewer functions.

Some of the notable features of Wondershare Repairit can be checked below.

  1. AI Video Enhancer (Available only for desktop version): The advanced AI technology of the software helps in enhancing videos by removing the blur, increasing the resolution, and performing an array of other tasks. No matter whether the videos are corrupted during the shooting, recording, editing, transferring, processing, or any other situation, the tool can help repair it. Videos in almost all formats and from a wide range of devices are supported.

  2. AI Photo Enhancer: With the AI photo enhancement feature of the software, get back the charm of your images and further improve them by optimizing the color balance, sharpening of the edges, bringing out the hidden details, and improving overall quality. The key AI photo enhancer features include:

  • AI Old Photo Model for enhancing and restoring old images.

  • AI Upscale for upscaling the images by 100%, 200%, 400%, 800%

  • AI Enhancement Model for enhancing images and portrait

  • AI Generative Fill (Available only for online version): This feature is available with the online version where you can fill the images using AI technology. You simply need to upload the image and the tool will uncrop your files automatically while maintaining a consistent background in different themes and thus making it look like a new picture. Quickly get the AI uncropped images for enhanced social media engagement.

The software has a high success ratio so that all your file types and corruption scenarios can be taken care of.

Part 2. Other Recommendation for data repair

There are a few other AI-based data repair tools available as well. Let’s discuss some of the popular ones and compare them with Wondershare Repairit.

  • 4DDiG File Repair: This is a file repair tool that can help treat videos, images, audio, and other file formats and types. Issues like blurry, overexposed, pixelated, and others can be sorted in images using the tool. The software looks after multiple issues causing your files not to open.

  • EaseUS: This is a Windows-based software that helps repair corrupted and damaged videos, images, and other files. Almost all popular formats are supported by the software including MOV, MKV, MTS, 3GP, and others.

  • Remo File Fixer: This is another Windows-based tool that helps repair popular file types and formats including video, OST, photoshop, Outlook PST, and others. The software helps repair damaged, corrupted, and inaccessible files, and the option for previewing is also there.

  • Stellar Microsoft Office repair: This is a good tool for repairing all types of Microsoft file types including Word documents, excel spreadsheets, and others. During the file repair there is no loss of original formatting and the option for batch repairing is also there. But other format content like video and image is not taken into consideration at this stage.

Comparison with Wondershare Repairit

Though the above-listed file repair tools are decent and have some key functions, Wondershare Repairit out of all, emerges as the best one owing to several reasons.

First of all, Wondershare Repairit is an AI-based tool that uses the latest algorithm for repairing files. It features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it apt even for first-time users.

Wondershare Repairit offers all the features that you would expect from a professional repair tool and some of its functions like AI Generative Fill and old photo restoration are simply amazing and exclusive to the tool.

Moreover, the software has a complete How-To-Guide that will take you through the detailed steps for repairing various file types.


So, if you are looking for a mature, feature-packed, and the most competitive AI repair tool, Wondershare Repairit should be the one. All types of file types and formats from a wide range of devices in almost all scenarios can be quickly and easily repaired using this excellent software.

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