International Surrealism Now Exhibition Set to Open in Portugal

With a tribute to Isabel Meireles, one of the most important surrealists in Portugal Mafra Palace UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The much-anticipated "International Surrealism Now" exhibition is set to open its doors from February 5th to 17th, 2024, at the historic Palácio de Mafra, also known as the Mafra Convent, a revered Portuguese national monument. This groundbreaking event, showcasing the works of 125 artists from 52 countries, marks a significant milestone in the global art scene, especially in the realm of contemporary surrealism.

Organized by the renowned Portuguese surrealist painter Santiago Ribeiro, in collaboration with Colonel Pereira da Silva, this exhibition is not just an art show, but a movement celebrating the evolution and diversity of surrealism in the 21st century. Santiago Ribeiro, known for his dedication to promoting modern surrealism, has been at the forefront of this international art movement, which began in 2010 under the auspices of the Bissaya Barreto Foundation.

The exhibition has journeyed through various cities, including Lisbon, Porto, Setubal, Amadora, and beyond, garnering acclaim and sparking interest worldwide. Its arrival at the Mafra National Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2019, adds to the grandeur of the event.

"International Surrealism Now" is not only a testament to the vibrant and evolving nature of surrealism but also serves as a global platform for artists from diverse backgrounds. The exhibition includes participants from countries as varied as Albania, Japan, the United States, and Brazil, showcasing a rich tapestry of cultural and artistic perspectives.

Exhibition Details:

  • Location: Palácio de Mafra, Terreiro D. João V, Mafra, Portugal
  • Dates: February 5-17, 2024
  • Organizers: Santiago Ribeiro and Colonel Pereira da Silva

For further information, press inquiries, or to schedule an interview with the organizers or participating artists, please contact:

Contact Person: Anna Clarke, Press Relations
Email[email protected]
Phone: +351 964 480 027

About Palácio de Mafra: The Mafra National Palace, a monumental Baroque and Italianized Neoclassical palace-monastery, is one of Portugal's most significant architectural marvels. It houses a magnificent basilica, a historical library, and is surrounded by lush gardens and wildlife.

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