Revolutionary Dental Treatment by Iranian Researcher Adopted as U.S. Standard

Dr. Behnam Shakibaie's dental method is now the US standard, revolutionizing dentistry with microscopic and digital implantology.

In a landmark development for the field of dentistry, an innovative treatment method devised by Iranian scientist Dr. Behnam Shakibaie has been officially embraced as the new norm within the United States, introducing a significant shift in dental practice standards. This method, which focuses on "Microscopic and Digital Implantology," has garnered attention for its groundbreaking approach to dental care, marking a pivotal moment in the integration of technology and precision in dental procedures.

Published in the COMPENDIUM journal, the only publication of its kind dedicated to the scientific and educational facets of dentistry and circulated among over 200,000 dental professionals nationwide, Dr. Shakibaie's methodology is now recognized as the global benchmark in dental treatment. This distinction is not only a testament to the novelty and effectiveness of his approach but also to the rigorous research and innovation that Dr. Shakibaie has contributed to the field over the last decade and a half.

Dr. Shakibaie, whose work has been celebrated internationally with accolades such as the "German Periodontology Prize" and the "American Microscopic Dentistry Congress Prize," offers a comprehensive treatment protocol in his latest publication. This protocol spans from the initial stages of minimally invasive tooth extraction and socket reconstruction through to the intricate processes of microscopic implant surgery and soft tissue micro-plastic surgery, culminating in the precise fitting of digitally manufactured, all-ceramic implant crowns.

The significance of Dr. Shakibaie's contribution lies not only in the procedural innovations but in the meticulous documentation and development of each stage of the treatment, previously published in prestigious scientific journals. His collaboration with research teams from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan underscores the depth of academic rigor and clinical expertise behind this now-standardized method.

As this method takes its place as a standard within U.S. dentistry, it heralds a new era of precision and excellence in dental care, emphasizing the critical role of innovation and research in advancing health care practices. Dr. Shakibaie's work, now at the forefront of dental science, paves the way for future developments in the field, promising improved outcomes for patients and practitioners alike.

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