Debasree Roy's OTT debut with hoichoi's Chemistry Mashi

Debasree Roy shines in hoichoi's "Chemistry Mashi," a gripping web series.

Debasree Roy, renowned and endearingly dubbed as 'Kolkatar Rosogolla,' is set to embark on her eagerly anticipated journey into the digital realm with the captivating original web series of hoichoi - "Chemistry Mashi”. Directed by the talented Sourav Chakraborty, this much-awaited series is primed to offer audiences an enthralling narrative experience.

A woman in her late fifties, Sucharita Lahiri finds herself at a crossroads in life. Despite thirty years of marriage to a bureaucrat and raising successful children, a conflict within her family prompts her to question her own identity and dignity. Deciding to carve her own path, Sucharita revives her passion for chemistry through an engaging online channel, "Chemistry Mashi”, where she teaches Class 11 and 12 syllabuses in a unique and relatable manner. Her popularity gets increased to such a state where she starts teaching students for entrance examination. However, her popularity takes a dark turn when one of her suggested question papers coincidentally matches an exam, triggering accusations of a question paper leak. As the series progress, amidst all of this, her family equations also keep changing.

“Chemistry Mashi” becomes a gripping narrative of resilience, integrity, and the fight against corruption as Sucharita stands up against powerful forces to prove her innocence and unveil a systemic conspiracy.

With her characteristic grace and depth, Debasree Roy eagerly embraces the opportunity to breathe life into Sucharita, infusing the character with nuance, vulnerability, and unwavering determination. As she immerses herself in the rich tapestry of emotions woven throughout the series, Roy is poised to captivate audiences with a portrayal that transcends the screen, inviting viewers to embark on a transformative journey alongside Sucharita and discover the timeless truths that resonate within us all.

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