Eagle Claw Fasteners: High-Performance Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Premium stainless-steel screws by Eagle Claw Fasteners offer superior corrosion resistance for decking and outdoor projects.

POWELL, TENNESSEE - Eagle Claw Fasteners, an industry leader in manufacturing premium fastening solutions, is thrilled to announce its expanded line of top-quality stainless-steel screws. Engineered specifically for superior performance and unmatched longevity, these innovative screws cater to discerning builders, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts seeking reliable and efficient fixings for their decking projects.

The newly introduced range includes marine-grade 316 screws alongside the widely popular 304 grade options, providing customers with exceptional corrosion resistance even in harsh environments. With a diverse selection of six different lengths—available in boxes tailored to suit every requirement—this comprehensive assortment guarantees optimal compatibility across multiple applications. Designed and tested in-house within the United States but manufactured in trusted partner facilities based in Taiwan, each product bearing the esteemed Eagle Claw Fasteners insignia embodies the company’s steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation.

Key Features & Benefits:

• Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: Featuring premium-grade 304 and 316 stainless steel screws, Eagle Claw Fasteners deck screws offer remarkable protection against oxidation and degradation caused by moisture, salt spray, or exposure to extreme weather conditions. This ensures lasting functionality and aesthetic appeal throughout the lifetime of any structure.

• Wide Array of Sizes and Configurations: From compact #8 x 1-3/4" variants to longer #12 x 4", Eagle Claw Fasteners caters to varying requirements through its extensive size range. Each configuration boasts precise engineering and meticulous craftsmanship, enabling quick, effortless insertion while minimizing splintering and damage during assembly.

• Advanced Drive Systems: Employing cutting-edge Torx drive technology coupled with complementary Type 17 point and countersinking nibs beneath the head, these deck screws guarantee seamless driving capabilities and minimal wear on tools. As a result, users enjoy reduced fatigue, faster completion times, and consistent accuracy during installations.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Boasting a refined burnished finish, Eagle Claw Fasteners deck screws not only deliver robust structural support but also preserve visual harmony throughout the finished project. This subtle yet elegant appearance promises enduring satisfaction for property owners and visitors alike.


  • Fencing: Ensure long-term security and elegance for perimeter barriers with these first-rate screws; they resist deterioration due to environmental factors, maintaining impeccable appearances and functionality over time.

  • Decking & Dock Construction: Secure confidently knowing that Eagle Claw Fasteners’ corrosion-resistant deck screws stand up to rigorous use in challenging maritime settings without sacrificing integrity.

  • Outdoor Structures: Rely on Eagle Claw Fasteners when constructing backyard retreats such as sheds, playsets, big and small-scale gazebos—their impressive resilience enables them to withstand inclement weather while preserving pristine finishes.

  • Furniture Assembly: Simplify intricate joinery tasks for tables, chairs, shelves, and more with these user-friendly fasteners, promoting speedy builds and dependable outcomes.

About Eagle Claw Fasteners:

Established in Powell, Tennessee, Eagle Claw Fasteners has built a reputation for delivering high caliber fastening systems since its inception. Combining American ingenuity with global resources, the company consistently provides customers with top-tier materials and advanced design methodologies, fostering trust and loyalty among professionals and hobbyists alike. Explore further details regarding Eagle Claw Fasteners’ full suite of products online today at eagleclawfasteners.com.

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