MWC24: ZTE to Showcase Groundbreaking 5G-A Technology

MWC24: ZTE to Showcase Groundbreaking 5G-A Technology

ZTE Corporation, a global leader in information and communication technology solutions, plans to introduce its latest 5G-A technology at the MWC24 in Barcelona, Spain. This new advancement is set to unleash the full potential of 5G and represents a significant stride in the telecommunications industry.

MWC24: ZTE's Quest for Green Infrastructure - The Bit-Watt Perfect Curve

ZTE has developed an innovative radio platform that achieves near-constant power amplifier (PA) efficiency, ensuring optimal performance at all times. With this platform, the PA efficiency is 25-30 percentage points higher, and the radio remote unit (RRU) power consumption is 35% lower than the industry average.

Furthermore, ZTE has deployed an industry-first hibernation technology across over 300,000 active antenna units (AAUs) to minimize power consumption. The technology reduces the AAU power consumption to as low as 5 watts when there is no traffic.

The same technology has been applied to RRU, which helps achieve power consumption as low as 3 watts when there is no traffic. In addition, hibernation enables 0 watts for pRRUs in small cells when there is no traffic. These cells can be awakened in seconds when there are any attempts of service access.

ZTE 5G-A: Elevating Customer Connections with 10Gbps+

ZTE's 5G-A technology is all about making customer internet experience faster and more efficient than ever before. Imagine downloading your favorite movies, games, and more at speeds over 10Gbps.

  • Simplified Setup: ZTE's Uni-Radio technology combines multiple network bands into one, drastically reducing the need for multiple pieces of equipment. Instead of having ten different units, you only need one, making the whole system simpler and sleeker.
  • Eco-Friendly and Efficient: Their unique 12TR RRU technology not only consumes 35% less power than usual but also shares power between sectors smartly, making it super efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Boosted Capacity: ZTE pushes the limits with its FDD Massive MIMO technology, significantly increasing the network's capacity to handle data. This means smoother streaming, faster downloads, and more reliable connections for all your devices.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology for Unmatched Speeds: With the largest bandwidth mmWave AAU in the industry, ZTE's 5G-A network can deliver incredibly high speeds, ensuring that your online experience is seamless, whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move.

ZTE 5G-A: Better Network-Cloud Integration for Businesses

ZTE's 5G-A technology is transforming how businesses use 5G, making integrating it quicker and simpler into their operations.

  • UniEngine - The All-in-One 5G Solution: UniEngine is a revolutionary solution for businesses that want to implement 5G technology. It is a comprehensive package that combines the key elements of 5G, such as Radio Access Network (RAN) and operations and maintenance (O&M), into a single unit. This integration makes it easy for businesses with limited technical knowledge to set up private 5G networks. The result is faster deployment of applications and reliable service performance, all monitored end-to-end.
  • CampSite - Indoor 5G Made Easy: Get a high-speed, reliable 5G network set up in your building within an hour with CampSite. This portable solution is perfect for indoor environments and can cover up to 2,500 square meters, offering lightning-fast download and upload speeds with low latency. This technology opens up TV broadcasting and virtual reality entertainment possibilities, allowing for 5G-powered live events and immersive VR experiences without bulky equipment.

ZTE 5G-A: Accelerating Development and Economy

ZTE is revolutionizing smart transportation with its highly dependable 5G-A network. This innovative network integrates edge-cloud technology to provide cost-effective Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) solutions. The ultra-reliable network enables advanced autonomous driving and improves traffic flow, boasting a remarkable latency rate of just 20ms with a 99.99% reliability rate. This enables Level 2 vehicles to achieve Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities at speeds up to 60km/h.

In addition, ZTE is expanding connectivity horizons with its pioneering 5G-A Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN). The world's first 5G IoT-NTN direct-to-cell trial and maritime experiment are part of this development, setting new benchmarks for emergency communications, wide-area IoT, and internet services. This development achieves seamless space-ground integration.

ZTE Corporation is at the forefront of telecommunications innovation with its upcoming showcase of 5G-A technology at the Mobile World Congress 2024. This cutting-edge technology is not just about faster speeds; it represents a holistic approach to greener infrastructure, enhanced customer experiences, and more efficient business operations.

As ZTE continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the digital age, its 5G-A technology is poised to play a pivotal role in accelerating global development and powering the future economy.

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