Behind AJ Marketing’s Success: Case Studies of Influencer Campaigns

AJ Marketing excels in influencer marketing across Asia, crafting innovative campaigns with impressive results.

In the digital marketing space, AJ Marketing stands out as a beacon of innovation and effectiveness. With a sprawling network of over 7,000 influencers across platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, they've mastered the art of covering every conceivable niche. From lifestyle and tech to gaming, beauty, fashion, travel, food, sports, parenting, and more, AJ Marketing ensures that no stone is left unturned in the influencer marketing arena.

Operating with local teams in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, India, Korea, and the Philippines, AJ Marketing has established a formidable presence across Asia. This geographical spread is crucial in a continent as diverse as Asia, allowing the agency to tailor its strategies to the unique cultural nuances of each market.

In 2024, a significant 20.1% of social media users aged 16 to 64 globally use social media to follow celebrities and influencers online, highlighting the growing influence of digital personalities in shaping consumer behavior. The success stories of AJ Marketing's influencer campaigns stand as testament to the power and potential of well-executed strategies in the vast and varied markets of Asia. Through these examples, we can uncover the strategies that set AJ Marketing apart and explore how they can be applied across different industries and markets to replicate similar successes.

Case 1: Microsoft Surface Launch Campaign

In a strategic move to highlight the adaptability and excellence of the Microsoft Surface for remote, travel, and office working, AJ Marketing orchestrated a campaign that spanned Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The campaign's content strategy was built around collaborating with key opinion leaders in the computer reviewing, IT specialist, premium lifestyle, and visual art sectors.

By showcasing the Microsoft Surface as powerful, easy to use, and reliable, the campaign aimed to demonstrate the creative and professional excellence achievable with the device. Influencers from various fields, including premium lifestyle, IT/Tech reviewers, and visual artists, were engaged to create content that resonated with their diverse audiences. The campaign utilized a mix of long dedicated YouTube videos and short Instagram and TikTok videos to maximize reach and engagement across platforms.

The results were impressive, with the campaign generating 900,000 impressions, 550,000 views, and an engagement rate of 5%. This success can be attributed to the strategic selection of influencers and platforms, ensuring that the message of Microsoft Surface's versatility and excellence reached a wide and relevant audience.

Why the Microsoft Surface Launch Campaign Worked

The Microsoft Surface Launch Campaign's success was largely due to AJ Marketing's strategic collaboration with influencers who were key opinion leaders in their respective fields. This approach ensured that the messaging around Microsoft Surface's adaptability and excellence was delivered by trusted voices, enhancing credibility among target audiences. The diverse mix of content types, from long YouTube videos to short TikTok and Instagram videos, catered to different viewing preferences, increasing the campaign's overall reach and engagement. By effectively communicating the product's key attributes through influential content creators, AJ Marketing was able to drive significant awareness and interest in the Microsoft Surface among potential customers.

Case 2: MINI Big Love Campaign

The MINI Big Love Campaign was a creative endeavor to promote the new MINI 3 and 5 door hatchback automobiles in Korea and Japan. AJ Marketing collaborated with mega lifestyle influencers, merging passion and creativity with the iconic car brand under the overarching theme of BIG LOVE.

This campaign aimed to position MINI as a brand synonymous with inspiration, innovation, energy, community, and passion. By highlighting the functionality, design, and quality of the new MINI models, the agency managed to capture the audience's imagination. Leveraging TikTok as the primary marketing channel, the campaign featured short, engaging videos created by premium lifestyle creators with unique professions. The results were staggering: 14,000,000 impressions, 4,000,000 views, and an 18% engagement rate.

Why the MINI Big Love Campaign Worked

The MINI Big Love campaign thrived on its creative synergy between the brand's values and the influencers' content. AJ Marketing's decision to collaborate with mega lifestyle influencers who had unique professions allowed the campaign to showcase the MINI brand in a fresh, innovative light. This alignment of the brand's message of inspiration, innovation, energy, community, and passion with the influencers' creative content resonated well with the target audience. The use of TikTok as the primary platform capitalized on its high engagement rates and the ability to produce visually compelling, short-form content, driving up impressions and engagement significantly.

Case 3: Loop Earplugs Instagram Influencer Marketing

In a campaign spanning the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, AJ Marketing set out to promote Loop Earplugs through Instagram influencer marketing. The goal was to showcase the main use cases of Loop Earplugs by collaborating with five suitable influencers, each with follower sizes ranging from 20K to 50K.

The content, which included Instagram feed posts, reels, and stories, was designed to highlight the product's unique selling points linked to its main use cases. This approach allowed the campaign to achieve a total of 160.5K reel plays and reach a combined follower count of 688K, demonstrating the power of targeted influencer marketing in conveying product benefits to a specific audience.

Why the Loop Earplugs Instagram Influencer Marketing Worked

The Loop Earplugs campaign's effectiveness was largely due to the meticulous selection of influencers and the strategic use of Instagram's diverse content formats. By choosing influencers whose follower base aligned with Loop Earplugs' target demographic, AJ Marketing ensured that the product's main use cases were demonstrated to an audience likely to be interested in their unique value proposition. The combination of feed posts, reels, and stories provided a comprehensive showcase of the product, leveraging Instagram's strengths to maximize reach and engagement. This multi-format content strategy not only increased visibility but also provided potential customers with a thorough understanding of the product's benefits, driving successful campaign outcomes.


AJ Marketing's success in these diverse campaigns underscores the agency's ability to navigate the complex landscape of influencer marketing in Asia. By leveraging their extensive network of influencers and understanding of local markets, they have managed to execute campaigns that not only reach but also resonate with their target audiences. These case studies exemplify how AJ Marketing harnesses the power of social media and influencer partnerships to achieve remarkable results for their clients. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, AJ Marketing remains at the forefront, ready to explore new opportunities and continue their trajectory of success.

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