Doulike Unveils Expert Guidance On Selecting Winning Best Photos For Dating Apps

Navigating the twists and turns of finding love on dating apps can be a reality journey. DoULike’s match-making tools are there to help

New York, United States, February 28, 2024

It can be quite a hassle to find the perfect dating app for those looking for online love because there are many such dating sites. Fortunately, we have DoULike, a dating app that can increase your chances of finding love online.

DoULike's matchmaking system matches singles based on shared life values and beliefs. You input your top 3 values and are matched with like-minded singles for a valuable match. You will indeed find your Mr. or Ms. Right.

So now it becomes so much easier to find your soul mate shared the lifestyle. But what is the main success element in finding the long-awaited beloved? Yes - the right online dating photo!

But how do you take pictures for dating apps? Our experts are here to help you! Read on, and a few secrets of making an everlasting impression will be revealed to you!

Does Matter Photos For Online Dating?

People are primarily visual. We are used to perceiving a lot based on pictures and appearance. Of course, orienting a person by their dating app profile pictures is logical and natural.

Actually, profile pictures can reveal a lot, not only about the purpose of registration on the dating site but also about the person.

For example, if a person shows photos of all their beauty, where their hobbies and interests, appearance, and other details are visible - this is a must for a quality acquaintance.

From the photo, you can understand whether a person likes to travel or do similar things to you, and if your interests coincide - bingo! So, yes, online pics DO matter for dating!

Photos For Dating Profile: The Secrets To Making A Lasting Impression

The most exciting thing on any dating site always begins with the profile picture. Closer acquaintance between potential partners starts with photos. A picture in the profile makes you read the profile description and, due to this – write the first message.

Therefore, how and what dating app photos to use are extremely important. These are the “business cards “in the digital space, which can help make your account more noticeable among millions of offers.

That’s why there are a few pieces of advice on how to use the photos on DoULike:

Avoid Selfies

One common mistake when it comes to choosing a photo for a dating app is relying solely on stock selfies.

A bare midriff mirror selfie or two is not a big deal as long as a healthy mix of portraits is taken in different contexts.

It’s rare for someone’s personality to shine from a close-cropped mirror shot taken on the spur of the moment – especially a shot taken with your cell phone, inches from your face, in a dungeon-lit apartment.

DoULike recommends: A varied set of portraits taken by yourself or others will provide potential matches with valuable snapshots of your life and show your personality.

Full Body And Close-Ups

In selecting the best online dating photos for your profile, including a mixture of full-body shots and close-ups is essential.

Full-body shots offer a potential love interest a complete idea of your whole body and, importantly, give them an idea about your body type. Close-ups assist people in understanding your facial features and expressions and give them a window into who you are personally.

If your profile consists of a series of posed professional photos, it will look suspicious. Moreover, posting three bathroom selfies does not make you seem trustworthy.

DoULike recommends that the best practice for choosing a photo is uploading pictures that show your entire body and some close-ups! This is one of the most essential tips.

Avoid Group Shots

One more advice: Don’t post group shots on your dating profile pictures. Always take photos alone, even if you’re a face in the crowd.

After all, you don’t want potential love interests to worry about your eligibility, and you certainly don’t want them to test the odds with an online game of “Where’s Waldo?” So why waste space with someone else?

Remember, this profile isn’t about someone or what he or she thought of you.

DoULike recommends: No besties, bros, or besties who are more like bros. Good examples include just a few photos (we’re partial to two), tightly cropped, and acting as bookends to your life or a window to what lies ahead.

Show Your Hobby And Interests

Photos of you doing something you love or being in an exciting place are much more likely to start a conversation with someone who’s into the same thing.

Location and context also matter, so you may get a boost from a photo of you on a trail or a beach or diving off a boat.

And these photos aren’t just an opportunity to break the ice. Letting others know that you have a life away from the computer — a real life with activities, interests, and friends — can be attractive all by itself.

DoULike recommends: Good photos for dating apps include ones of you hiking, playing guitar, painting, or practicing yoga, which will, with luck, attract like-minded souls.


One of the first things to consider in selecting the right dating app pictures is smiling. A happy and genuine smile makes you seem more likable and approachable. Smiling exhibits friendliness and openness.

So select photos of yourself smiling. Profiles with smiling pictures always get the most distinctive and positive attention.

Smiling photos also show a unique quality that leaves a soothing and inviting impression on your potential date.

DoULike recommends that just one simple smile can significantly impact many successful dating apps' impressive first impression and well-being.

Show Your Eyes

Another crucial suggestion is to emphasize your eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and in a profile picture, expression can convey several aspects of your character.

Whenever possible, select photos that display your eyes and make eye contact with the camera, as this will help you connect with potential partners through the lens.

DoULike recommends Taking pictures for dating apps showing your eyes! Steer clear of wearing glasses or large hats that obscure your eyes, as shadows can make you less approachable.

Do Not Add A Photo With A Boy/Girl, Even If It Is Just A Friend

When brainstorming dating app photo ideas, one crucial word of advice involves keeping pictures of your friends out of your profile.

That means even if the image includes 16 of your nearest and dearest buddies from your hometown, even if it’s a respectful reference to the spiritual nature of your friendship, DO. NOT. POST. IT!

Regardless of our best intentions, someone will probably think you’re dating someone, are engaged, or have a secret child of someone else in the photo. And it will be mercilessly awkward for everyone involved.

DoULike recommends: This is really a principle you SHOULD FOLLOW IN ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS - just post new close-up pictures of yourself. That’s it.


Don’t constrain yourself regarding photo ideas for your dating app profile. Get imaginative.

For example, one strategic way to showcase your taste for adventure is to include a photo from a recent escapade. Or perhaps a picture at a sporting event — but low-key, attendance only, and no jerseys allowed.

Or, if art and culture are your thing, include a picture of you at a museum — unless you think that makes you sound snobbish, in which case you can leave that out.

Fitness and sport-committed folks have options, too, including a picture of you running a marathon or doing a particularly tricky yoga pose.

DoULike recommends: The thing to keep in mind is that the best online dating profiles are easy to swipe right on. Make it so that someone wants to swipe right to take a closer look at your other photos!

Ditch the Filters

Honesty is the best solution, so be careful with photo editors and filters! Choosing the best angles and adding light and contrast to a dark photo is not the same as completely doing yourself in Photoshop.

Sooner or later, you will have to show yourself already in reality, and if the difference with the profile photo is striking, then the meeting is doomed to failure.

DoULike recommends not uploading photos with filters. Let users on the site choose you, not the image you created.

Seek Professional Help

But don’t worry if you look at your photo library and think to yourself, Do I have any photos like that?

There’s still time to schedule a professional photography session; the easiest way to check this box. They’re pros at lighting, composition, and direction and getting you to look your best.

The photographer will make sure your photos are high-quality and attractive. Most important, they will be authentic representations of you. You will be guided through the process, including posing and showing off your personality in the most flattering ways.

DoULike recommends: Investing in professional photography for your dating app profile, will show potential matches you take seriously and are willing to put your best foot forward to make a great first impression.


When choosing your dating app photos, you might not realize that your family and friends can be helpful resources.

After all, they are vested in how great you look online, right? And no one knows you better than your friends and family, which means they can zero in on your most attractive qualities.

Just ask them to judge not on who you are but how your photo appears: What is the photo’s composition and impact?

You may want to give them explicit instructions, asking them to describe the impression they get from each photo, how the composition looks, and its overall impact.

If you collect opinions from friends and family, for example, you may hear that you think you look intriguing in the sunglasses, while your cousin thinks you look like a pretentious creep.

DoULike recommends: Remember, that doesn’t mean you want to ask your BFF how you look in the photo, but whether it’s clear and well-lit and whether it looks like you.


Navigating the twists and turns of finding love on dating apps can be a reality journey. DoULike’s match-making tools are there to help. The first step in making a lasting impression is deciding which dating profile pics to feature.

Not only do they tell us what you look like, they tell us all about who you are—all of the other things you care about in life: your personality and what you like to do when you have free time.

You should stick with a good mix of full-body shots and headshots. You should always try to show off exciting hobbies and activities that you enjoy.

Remember to keep it accurate and do not use photo filters. Lastly, consider investing in yourself. Call in a professional photographer. They can help ensure you look great and don’t just look good!

If done well, you’ll be on your way to crafting meaningful connections on DoULike!

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