Toggl launches time analytics for better team management

Time tracking data turned into a data-decision tool – a new Toggl feature helps managers gain a more accurate understanding of their resources and improve team productivity and profitability.

Wilmington, DE: Toggl Track, a popular online time-tracking tool for software development companies, enterprises, agencies, consultants, and other service teams, announced Toggl Analytics — a feature that unlocks an insightful and broader view into the team’s time and company resources.

With Toggl Analytics, managers can create custom charts and reports based on their team’s time data to discover new insights that are hard to find in most other time tracking and reporting tools.

Speaking about the feature, Anna Makovnikova, Toggl’s Head of Product, explained that Analytics is built with managers in mind: “We want to help them easily understand the data their business needs to make informed decisions”, Anna claims. She says that most time tracking software comes with a handful of built-in reports and has limited customization options. Toggl Analytics gives managers and business owners the power to turn their tracked time data into informative, easy-to-read, easy-to-share, and fully customizable charts and reporting dashboards.

Toggl Analytics empowers service-based businesses to create a wide array of reports based on their time data and tailored to their specific needs. It includes the capability to generate detailed timesheet reports for accurate payroll processing, comprehensive analysis of team workload and productivity, as well as insightful project budget estimations, forecasts, and resource demand dashboards. Additionally, Analytics comes with extensive customization options, enabling companies to craft reports that effectively analyze and showcase their organization’s time data and insights.

Toggl’s popularity is primarily because it’s so easy to use. As a result, time tracking doesn’t feel like a daily chore. So its customers end up with lots of accurate time data, including billable and non-billable hours. All this data is gold that companies can mine to discover productivity insights for improving efficiency.

That’s why while many time trackers focus on micromanaging their employees by monitoring screenshots of applications and websites as well as tracking mouse clicks and keyboard taps, Toggl chooses to remain an anti-surveillance time tracking software. It firmly believes that with the right data and productivity tools, any business can bring the team’s focus to what matters most without putting its employees through unhealthy work hours and culture - and this way improves the team's motivation as well.

Toggl's reporting features already deliver tangible benefits to its customers. Sweat+Co, an LA-based PR firm specializing in media strategy and agency management consulting, improved its project budget allocation resulting in a significant 20% increase in profitability.

About Toggl:

Founded in Estonia in the early 2000s, and with offices in Wilmington, DE, Toggl started as a software consultancy. To tackle project budgeting and time reporting challenges, they launched a time-tracking tool that evolved into Toggl Track, a popular time-tracking software. Today, Toggl offers a suite of tools that facilitate deep focus and productivity for users, and deep trust with managers, in a time of hybrid working and ever-increasing distraction. This includes Toggl Plan, a project scheduling and resource planning software, and Toggl Hire, a modern-day hiring tool that makes recruitment effortless and enjoyable. Toggl’s software is consistently recognized among the best in the world. Toggl Track was awarded among the top time-tracking software in 2023 by SaaSWorthy, G2 Crowd, and Caperarra, among others. For more information, visit

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