Celebrating 25 Years of AnnuityAdvantage - A Testament to Vision, Integrity, and Client Success

Annuity Marketplace Company Hits Milestone

MEDFORD, OR – This year marks the 25th anniversary of AnnuityAdvantage, a pioneering firm in the annuity comparison-shopping marketplace. Founded on the principle of making the annuity buying process both easy and informed, AnnuityAdvantage has grown from a one-man operation into a trusted leader in the financial services industry, dedicated to helping clients secure their retirements with principal-protected and guaranteed fixed annuity products.

"When I started AnnuityAdvantage, it was just me, no employees, and a self-built website using Microsoft FrontPage," said Ken Nuss, founder and CEO of AnnuityAdvantage. "Most of my friends that were involved in the financial services industry at the time, told me it would never work…they couldn’t envision a scenario where clients would be comfortable working remotely with an Agent that they had never met in person."

However, the growing internet commerce trend, exemplified by platforms like Amazon and eBay, gradually helped clients feel more comfortable, contributing to the firm's success. Despite not being first in the space, AnnuityAdvantage quickly distinguished itself as a leader among the few sites selling annuities nationwide at the time. Nuss's commitment to integrity, client education, and operating in the client's best interest were key to overcoming early challenges and fostering growth.

"Integrity is of the utmost importance. We always try to do the right thing, by both our clients and our employees," said Nuss about the company's key to success. "Being mindful of and operating in our client’s best interest is at the forefront of every conversation we have and every decision we make."

With a 25-year track record, many published articles, over 1100 5-star reviews, an A+ AM Best Rating, and thousands upon thousands of satisfied clients, the company's growth trajectory is notable, expanding its team and client base significantly since its inception. The company is expected to make significant strides in 2024 due to it being Peak 65 Year, an event that marks an unprecedented number of Americans turning 65.

Behind this successful enterprise is a Southern Oregon native who values family, travel, and history. "My wife and I love exploring new areas, and learning about the places we visit," Nuss said. This passion for discovery and understanding mirrors his approach to business — always seeking the best paths forward for clients and the company.

As AnnuityAdvantage celebrates this significant milestone, it looks forward to continuing its mission of providing informed, principled financial guidance to even more clients across the country.

For more information about AnnuityAdvantage and its services, visit AnnuityAdvantage.

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