Websea's Web3.0+2024 Event in Singapore: A Confluence of Ideas and Innovations in the Crypto Space

Web3.0+2024 in Singapore explores GameFi & DePIN convergence, advancing Web3 innovations. Community-driven Websea plans global expansion.

On March 7, 2024, Websea's Web3.0+2024 series of events successfully kicked off in Singapore, marking a significant gathering of global crypto experts, technological pioneers, and blockchain enthusiasts. Themed "The Interwoven and Parallel of Crypto: A New Chapter in Web3.0," the event focused on the future of GameFi in the Web3 era and the integration of Web3 with Decentralized Personal Identifiable Information Network (DePIN).

Herbert Sim, Chief Operating Officer of Websea, delivered an eye-catching opening speech highlighting the platform's innovative strides and the potential of WBS, its core asset, which has a total volume of 10 billion without any private placement or pre-sale. Emphasizing community engagement, 60% of the platform's token economy is allocated for community incentives.

To maintain long-term, healthy development, a community-initiated vote on whether to deflate or burn the total supply of WBS is scheduled for March 8, 2024, at 00:00 (GMT+8) on the Websea platform. This voting process underscores Websea's commitment to Web3.0 community autonomy, allowing every WBS holder to participate in key platform development decisions. The event provided a deeper understanding of Websea, helping attendees grasp the opportunities and challenges of the Web3 era.

In the first panel discussion, "The Future of GameFi in the Web3 Era: What's Next for P2E?" guests engaged in a spirited debate about the evolution of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. As blockchain technology advances, the P2E model is transforming from a simple reward mechanism to a more complex and sustainable economic system. The panelists explored how Web3's token economic model could be integrated to apply community governance and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in GameFi governance.

The discussion also delved into balancing player earnings, game developer interests, ecosystem health, game asset inflation, the convergence of GameFi with traditional gaming industries, AI applications, and the integration of metaverse concepts with GameFi.

The second panel, "Building the Future: The Fusion of Web3 and DePIN," focused on the convergence of Web3 technology with Decentralized Personal Identifiable Information Network. The discussion covered using blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized governance to enhance the security, Identity datas, and transparency of physical systems. The role of Web3 and DePIN in fostering innovative and sustainable infrastructure development was a hot topic.

The panel also touched on empowering communities through DePIN, participatory infrastructure building, revolutionary energy distribution, and the future of smart cities. Panelists analyzed the role of Web3 and DePIN in creating citizen-centric smart cities and the challenges and opportunities of deploying decentralized infrastructure solutions in urban environments.

The event concluded with an open exchange session where participants shared their views and predictions on Web3, GameFi, and DePIN. This exchange deepened the attendees' understanding of industry trends and inspired future collaboration and innovation.

The success of Web3.0+2024 in Singapore has provided new perspectives and directions for the industry. Websea plans to continue the Web3.0+2024 series in Hong Kong, Japan, and Dubai, inviting more participants to witness the impressive waves of industry developments.

About Websea

The platform features a dual-account security system, intelligent copy trading, innovative functionalities such as AI risk management and trading systems. Additionally, it lists creative gamified features like Boost to Bargain, invitation rewards, and lucky box rewards. This aims to provide young users with a secure, convenient, efficient, and entertaining Web3.0 trading experience.

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