VMKON Sports Revolutionizes the Sports Flooring Industry with Next-Generation Solutions

VMKON Sports leads sports flooring innovation with global recognition and excellence.

VMKON Sports, the trailblazer in next-generation sports flooring, is thrilled to announce its success at the SPOEX 24 exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, from February 22 to 25, 2024.

A Triumph at SPOEX 24: Introducing Innovation

During the SPOEX 24 event, VMKON Sports impressed industry experts and fans with its groundbreaking sports flooring solutions. Attendees were amazed by the exceptional quality, durability, and adaptability of VMKON's, which aim to reshape the benchmarks of the sports flooring sector. The enthusiastic response received at the event reaffirms VMKON Sports standing as a worldwide frontrunner in sports flooring excellence.

An Evidence of Excellence

The positive feedback from participants at SPOEX 24 proves VMKON Sports steadfast dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. VMKON Sports reiterated its commitment to delivering comprehensive health and sports solutions that meet and surpass global clients' expectations through every engagement.

A Global Vision for Sports Flooring Excellence

With a strong commitment to excellence, VMKON Sports has positioned itself as a global leader in the consulting, design, installation, and maintenance of sports flooring. The company's headquarters and production base in Guangzhou, China, its European branch in Feldatal, Germany, and its North American branch in LA, California, USA, reflect its dedication to serving global customers with the most affordable and premium products.

Certifications and Quality Assurance

VMKON Sports holds several certifications, including FIBA Certified, FIBA 3x3 Certified, ISO 9001, China Pacific Insurance, Labosport certification, Reach compliance, and ROHS compliance. These certifications underscore the company's commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Innovative Solutions

The vision of VMKON Sports is to bring a premium playing experience of hardwood sports flooring outdoors while also providing sports professionals and fans with athletic, comfortable, and safe interlocking plastic sports tiles. By leveraging its expertise in the polymer industry and experience in sports flooring, VMKON Sports aims to reshape the sports flooring industry.

The core values of VMKON Sports center around creativity, environmental awareness, and social responsibility. The company believes in sports' unifying power, innovation's importance for healthier and greener sports, and the potential for sports courts to breed the next great legends.

About VMKON Sports

VMKON Sports, a leading brand of resilient safety sports flooring, is dedicated to integrating new materials, designs, technologies, functions, and experiences into its research and development. The company provides integrated health and sports solutions for the education and sports industries, creating a healthy space for people and making society more beautiful.

The success of VMKON Sports is attributed to its highly motivated and efficient team of professionals who are committed to providing customers with the best support and after-sales services.

For more information about VMKON Sports and its innovative sports flooring solutions, please visit vmkonsport.com.

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