Chambrelan Sets New Standard in Industrial Slide and Linear Guide Rail Manufacturing

The leading provider of industrial telescopic slides and linear guide rails in Spain.

Chambrelan designs and manufactures high-quality telescopic ball-bearing slides to meet the ever-evolving needs of the sector. As a premier industrial slide manufacturer, Chambrelan makes its sliding rails according to the demands of its customers. What makes Chambrelan a major producer of heavy-duty industrial linear guides and telescopic slides is its style of production, unique designs, and ability to evolve. Chambrelan slides are used in different industries, including the medical sector, aeronautics sector, protective gear, and the railway line.

As the top industrial slide manufacturers, Chambrelan has built a reputation for itself in the industry.

In a (date) press release, a spokesperson of the company said: “Sliding rails have become a very important part of multiple sectors like transportation, medical and a host of others. Our goal is to continue to manufacture long-lasting rails with solid materials to meet the ever-growing demand for sliding rails. If you are looking for a reliable industrial sliding rail manufacturer, Chambrelan will be on hand to assist you.” Chambrelan manufactures and installs industrial sliding rails and linear guides. Looking for new ways to improve its services is a big step in the right direction. Its linear guides are widely used for sliding doors and other industrial applications. The company also offers maintenance recommendations for its customers to ensure long-lasting guidance systems.

The spokesperson went on to say, “It is easy to find sliding rails in our neighborhood, especially if we live in a professional area. A guide rail is meant to guide linearly rather than extend. It should not be mistaken with telescopic slides that are usually installed with additional elements. Furthermore, sliding rails is another term for linear guide rails or linear guides. Sliding rails are easy to maintain. They’ll last very long if they are lubricated and cleaned regularly. Linear guides come in different shapes and sizes. It can be as long as 3 meters and as small as the size of the smallest space.”

Chambrelan has been an industrial sliding rail manufacturer for a long time. Since it began operations, it has moved from a low-level manufacturer to a major player in the industry. Its employees have the necessary training required to do their jobs. They always ensure that the production process is strictly followed because the goal is to manufacture efficient and long-lasting industrial guide rails. They use the latest methods in the industry to produce industrial sliding rails. The goal is to always make their customers happy. Chambrelan will be happy to give customers guidance regarding the maintenance of their linear guides and telescopic rails.

If you need the services of an industrial rail manufacturer, contact Chambrelan through any of their available channels.

Chambrelan manufactures two types of industrial sliding rails. These rails have different uses and come with different features. The first option comes with ball bearings, and the second option comes with roller bearings. Depending on the reason for installing the guide rails, they can be installed with single or multiple runners. Additionally, the amount of load that the slide track can carry will depend on the number of runners that accompany the industrial sliding rail. This applies to roller runner guide rails. There are other things to consider when installing industrial sliding rails, including the length, material, and how the sliding track was manufactured.

Guide rails that include ball bearings combine strength and precision. They are designed to allow frictionless, smooth, and flexible performance. The number of guides with ball bearings to be installed will depend on the type of track you are installing it on and the amount of load you are using it to support. Ball bearing guidance systems are available in a number of materials depending on the type of project you are executing.

Aluminum rails can support lighter loads better by adapting to smaller spaces. However, steel-made rails or rails made of stainless steel are built to carry heavier loads.

Roller runner guides, like ball bearing guides, offer additional benefits when used on sliding rails. The key benefit of this guidance system is that it comes with an adjustable roller located in the middle. This means you can alter the displacement or play of your guide rail when assembling it. However, the purpose of a guide rail remains the same as that of roller runner guides. Rather, to assemble this system, you’ll need more runners on the rail, which will offer more support and allow it to carry more load.

Roller runner guide rails are also perfect for polluted environments because wipers can be fitted with them to push away foreign bodies into the guide rail. Apart from the ball bearing guide rail and roller runner guide rail, there is also a guidance system with prismatic geometry. It is also good for polluted environments because it stops the accumulation of foreign bodies on raceways.


According to a representative of Chambrelan, the company delivers pre-lubricated linear guides from their factory. The spokesperson also recommended that buyers of their linear guides and telescopic slides maintain them regularly. They can maintain their industrial rails by cleaning and lubricating it often. Strict maintenance is recommended for heavy users if they want the equipment to last for a very long time.

Guide rails must be fixed in an environment that is free of dust. It is essential to install it in a clean place even if the area makes maintenance difficult. This will help preserve the recirculating ball bearings lubrication. If a rail starts to accumulate dust, over time, it will start to lose lubrication. It will also increase the frequency of lubrication, which will, in turn, make the industrial sliding rail last for a very long time.

If you are looking for a reliable industrial sliding rail manufacturer you can reach out to Chambrelan with the contact feature on their website.

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