Introducing Launch of GPU Node Deployment and Dedicated Node RPC Deployment Utility by MineAI

MineAI launches GPU Node Deployment and Dedicated Node RPC Deployment Utility, revolutionizing blockchain infrastructure accessibility.

MineAI, the world's leading Hashpower marketplace, is excited to announce the launch of two revolutionary advancements aimed at enhancing network infrastructure and accessibility. The introduction of the GPU Node Deployment Dapp and Dedicated Node RPC Deployment Dapp marks a significant milestone in MineAI's commitment to advancing blockchain technology.

The GPU Node Deployment Dapp introduces a new level of processing power to the MineAI network, enhancing performance and ensuring a seamless experience for all users. By leveraging GPU processing capabilities, MineAI is set to accelerate its network's capabilities, unlocking new possibilities for shared cloud computing power.

Additionally, MineAI introduces the Dedicated Node RPC Deployment Utility, a cutting-edge tool designed to simplify access to dedicated nodes across various blockchain networks. This utility opens up the network to a broader audience, providing easy-to-use tools for deploying and managing dedicated nodes, regardless of the blockchain.

Key features of MineAI include:

  1. Earn POW Coins with your PC, GPU & CPU: Users can leverage their graphics card (GPU) and processor (CPU) to participate in the mining process effortlessly, earning rewards without any hassle.

  2. ASIC Mining: MineAI supports ASIC mining, allowing users to utilize specialized devices designed for mining efficiently. With no contracts and no limits, users can maximize their mining potential.

  3. EasyMining: No hardware is required with MineAI. Users can simply purchase a package, sit back, and anticipate the block reward as the platform handles the mining process seamlessly.

  4. Buy Hashpower: Users can unlock significant earnings by acquiring hashpower, actively contributing to the mining community, and earning a share of valuable rewards with no contracts or limits.

MineAI ensures a transparent and secure ecosystem with a total supply of 100 million $MAI, a 5/5 tax system, and liquidity locked for 365 days with a renounced CA. Users experiencing difficulties swapping on Uniswap for $MAI are advised to increase slippage to 5-10% or consider using alternative swap platforms like Kibaswap.

MineAI Private Endpoint

For medium-sized and large mining farms seeking maximum performance and earnings, MineAI offers the Private Endpoint solution, designed to optimize connections to MineAI and secure optimal performance and earnings.

For more information about MineAI and its latest advancements, visit the official website at Stay updated with MineAI's latest developments by following them on Twitter @MineAI_ERC20 and joining the Telegram community at

About MineAI

MineAI is the world's leading Hashpower marketplace, driving the AI revolution by connecting individuals for sharing computing resources and GPUs. Users can earn POW Coins by leveraging their PC, GPU, and CPU power to participate in the mining process, contributing to the decentralized network and earning rewards in return.

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