Empire Yachts Sets Sail with Exclusive Themed Cruise Nights

Empire Yachts Sets Sail with Exclusive Themed Cruise Nights

Empire Yachts launches Exclusive Themed Cruise Nights, offering romantic dinners, cultural nights, and family fun on the sea from 20 March 2024.

Empire Yachts today announced the launch of its Exclusive Themed Cruise Nights, adding a new dimension to luxury seafaring. With an ambitious line-up of themes, every voyage promises an unparalleled experience as the horizon unfolds before our esteemed guests.

Catering to diverse tastes, Empire Yachts’ thematic cruises range from the enchanting 'Under the Stars' Romantic Dinners that offer couples an evening of gourmet dining with panoramic ocean views, to lively Cultural Nights that celebrate the world's vibrant traditions with music, food, and dance. The Family Fun Cruises turn the ocean into a playground for guests of all ages with activities that ensure everyone has a wave of a time.

Adding to the allure, every themed night is embellished with hand-picked entertainment, meticulously chosen to resonate with the theme. From live bands tailored to each cultural night to exclusive performances that light up the romantic dinners, the onboard entertainment galvanizes the thematic essence. Guests can expect sumptuous dining options where every bite is a burst of local and international flavors, prepared by onboard chefs with the freshest ingredients.

Booking for these thematic extravaganzas is set to open on 20 March 2024, with various pricing tiers designed to accommodate the bespoke needs of our guests.

Feedback from pilot events has been overwhelmingly positive with patrons describing their experience as "a dream at sea" and "a voyage beyond expectations." The luxurious yachting experience, combined with special event planning, have garnered applause from attendees eager for the official launch.

Empire Yachts invites revelers and adventurers alike to join us on this sailing odyssey.

"Each themed night is a celebration, a world of its own set against the vast beauty of the ocean. We are excited to share this novel experience with our guests,” says John Silverwood, CEO of Empire Yachts.

About Empire Yachts:

Empire Yachts has carved a niche within Dubai's maritime industry as a charter company owning its fleet, enabling it to set benchmarks and provide the highest quality yacht rental Dubai. Based in the United Arab Emirates, it prides itself on delivering exclusive charter experiences aboard hand-picked, top-tier yachts.

Empire Yachts' renowned crews consist of highly skilled individuals from around the globe, boasting over 20 years of global yacht rental company experience. The company excels with a strong ethos of safety, luxury, and exceptional customer service. Each crew member is rigorously trained to exceed expectations, ensuring a seamless, safe, and luxurious voyage for all guests.

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