WildTop Truck Caps Announces Attendance At The Overland Expo West

WildTop is set to showcase its innovative load-bearing soft canvas truck toppers at Overland Expo West, offering adventurers a blend of durability, flexibility, and capability.

WildTop, announced that the brand will be present at the Overland Expo West, the premier event for overland enthusiasts, starting on May 17th and running through to the 19th. Known for its innovative approach to outdoor exploration, WildTop will be showcasing its line of patented soft canvas truck toppers designed to redefine the overlanding experience.

WildTop Truck Caps as a company (and its innovative line of truck toppers) is the culmination of decades of extensive research and development, aimed at providing adventurers with unparalleled durability, flexibility, and hauling capability.

"Our mission has always been to enhance the overlanding journey with our truck toppers. We believe that the freedom to explore should not come with a compromise on capability or convenience," explains Jesse Davey, General Manager for WildTop. "Our WildTop Truck Caps are designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern tradespeople and explorers. In the WildTop you find the perfect blend of cargo protection, ease of use, hauling capabilities, and aesthetic appeal."

The WildTop brand is a product of Tuff Tonneaus' innovative spirit. Tuff Tonneaus, WildTops’ parent company, is an industry leader in truck accessories and covers trusted by automotive giants like Ford, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Volkswagen since 1993. The WildTop line of toppers is indicative of their commitment to excellence, ingenuity, and functionality. Crafted with the diverse landscape and weather conditions of the United States in mind and tested in the rugged Australian Outback, these truck toppers are the only load-rated soft top in the U.S. Recognized for their robust and reliable construction, they provide spacious, sleek, and resilient coverage that's effortlessly manageable. The topper is 100% waterproof and can haul 220 pounds on its roof while you drive, or 770 pounds when stopped. WildTop’s dedication to quality is evident in their rigorous testing, the 48-point quality control fitness test performed on every topper, and a leading two year manufacture’s warranty, ensuring every truck cap they offer embodies their journey towards delivering unparalleled excellence in protection and capability.

Designed with the adventurer in mind, these truck toppers are lightweight, easy to DIY install, and offer an unmatched level of versatility. The WildTop is designed to effectively double your cargo space, offer cab-high protection, and fully conceal your cargo. But when you’re ready, it will give you complete access to that cargo inside. The rack can easily be completely removed to make room for larger loads any time you want that flexibility. Each topper comes with complementary East-West crossbars/ladder racks for carrying work or sporting equipment. North-South ladder racks are an option as well.

Readers can find out more about WildTop and their product line by visiting the brand’s official website: https://www.wild-top.com/

The Overland Expo West, hosted in Flagstaff, Arizona, serves as the ideal platform for WildTop to connect with the vibrant community of overland enthusiasts. The event, renowned for its comprehensive showcase of overlanding gear, vehicles, and seminars, offers attendees a unique opportunity to experience the latest innovations.

Readers can find out more about the expo and book a ticket by visiting: https://www.overlandexpo.com/west/

WildTop's exhibit will feature live demonstrations of their WildTop Truck Caps, allowing visitors to witness firsthand the quality and functionality that set their products apart. WildTop Product Engineers and Managers will be available for interviews and Q/A sessions.

Join WildTop at the Overland Expo West and discover why the brand’s soft canvas truck toppers are the ultimate companion for your next adventure.

About WildTop

Australian based WildTop was born from Tuff Tonneaus' legacy which leads the industry in crafting truck accessories trusted by global automotive giants. Inspired and tested by the Earth's harshest conditions, WildTop offers the only integrated soft top/roof rack system in the U.S. that will carry a roof-top tent and more with ease. The WildTop is a testament to strength, space, and simplicity to deliver unparalleled excellence in the overlanding experience. Their patented WildTop Truck Cap is a SEMA New Product Award Winner.

Website: https://www.wild-top.com/

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