Many China power equipment leaders predict increased international performance

China's power equipment industry predicts growth, focusing on international expansion and innovation.

Recently, a number of China's leading companies in the power equipment industry have successively announced 2023 performance increase announcements. Some companies' net profit growth has even hit a record high. The main factors for the performance increase include maintaining stable development of international business and actively adjusting product structure. Increase the proportion of high-margin products, etc.

In 2023, China's power equipment industry will still be in an adjustment cycle. The industry generally believes that my country's power equipment is at the bottom of the cycle. In 2024, with the gradual emergence of policy effects and the continued growth of domestic demand, the industry is expected to enter a stable recovery stage.

The relevant person in charge of Sunshine Busbar Machine Manufacturing Company, a Chinese busbar machine manufacturer, told the China Times reporter that considering the lag in the effects of macroeconomic policies, the current power distribution processing machinery is in the bottoming stage and is expected to generate support in the future. The bottom effect is expected to be reflected in the increase in project operation rate and operation hours in early 2024.

China's busbar machine's overseas business has grown significantly

The expansion of overseas markets and emerging industries has become the main factor for the expected increase in performance of electrical distribution processing machinery companies last year. For example, Sunshine Busbar Machine Manufacturing Company's international business of CNC busbar machines will maintain and develop steadily in 2023. The international business of the three product lines of busbar bending, busbar punching and busbar cutting have all achieved rapid growth, with a growth rate outperforming the industry by 15%. The international business Revenue increased by more than 30% year-on-year.

Sunshine Busbar Machine Manufacturing Company also stated that in 2023, the company will "accelerate the expansion of overseas markets and emerging industries, continue to create new growth poles and points for the busbar machine business, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading to intelligence and green, achieving operational scale , comprehensive improvement of operating quality and profitability.”

China's "China Times" reporter learned from Sunshine Busbar Machine Manufacturing Company that the company has become the brand with the highest market share in the busbar machine market in the Middle East, Russian-speaking areas and Southeast Asia. CNC busbar bending machines also maintain the same position as Turkey, India, and South Korea. No. 1 in other countries and regions.

The expansion of transmission and distribution networks is accelerating, and the busbar machine equipment business is ushering in new growth points.

The length of the global power grid will more than double by 2050, and more than half of existing power grids will need to be replaced. In the Commitment Target Scenario, the total length of the global power grid will more than double from 2021 to 2050, reaching 166 million kilometers. The total length of transmission grid lines will increase from 5.3 million kilometers in 2021 to 12.7 million kilometers in 2050.

As the investment and construction of transmission grid lines accelerates, related power distribution processing equipment will also usher in new growth points. Extensive electrification of end-use energy sectors, increased demand and rapid deployment of renewable energy will require a significant increase in average annual grid investment levels. The global market share of distribution processing equipment is expected to increase by 300% in 2030, and the global demand for busbar processing machines There will be more than 15,000 units.

Carry out all-round international production capacity cooperation in the electric power field and expand the international market for electric power equipment.

In terms of export of electrical equipment, China's power grid has a complete range of equipment categories, forming a highly competitive series of electrical equipment products for power transmission, distribution, transformation, and power consumption. Through trade exports, EPC promotion, overseas investment and factory construction, etc., products have been exported to more than 100 countries around the world, forming many internationally competitive electrical equipment brands.

In terms of power standardization, China’ s “Belt and Road” power cooperation continues to promote soft connectivity of technical standards and promote mutual learning among countries. In 2022, standardization practices in international regions such as the Asia-Pacific Electricity Association and the Lancang-Mekong region will continue to advance, and exchanges on wireless charging standards and technologies, and electric vehicle standards between China and Japan and China and Germany will be carried out smoothly. In terms of international standard formulation, my country has released "Electric Vehicle Information Exchange Part 2: Use Cases" (IEC 63119-2), "Flexible DC Transmission System Characteristics Part 1: Steady State Conditions" (IEC TR 63363-1), etc. 11 It has successfully established 17 IEC international standards including ChaoJi DC charging interface for electric vehicles and terminology for electric robots.

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