Welzo's Announces Upgraded Welzo.AI 2.0 Amid New Market Expansion

Welzo's Announces Upgraded Welzo.AI 2.0 Amid New Market Expansion

Welzo is the leading AI-based online healthcare marketplace, connecting patients to healthcare professionals and services using its groundbreaking AI algorithms. Welzo has just announced its plans to upgrade the existing infrastructure of its Welzo.AI systems to the updated Welzo.AI 2.0 version. The launch of Welzo.AI 2.0 represents a significant leap in AI-driven healthcare, while the strategic expansion into the GCC and North American markets marks a new chapter in Welzo's global journey. These developments have garnered considerable attention from investors, setting the stage for a new valuation target of $100 million.

Welzo’s New Operating System: Welzo.AI 2.0

With significant upgrades, Welzo launched Welzo.AI 2.0, an improved artificial intelligence system designed to revolutionise how patients connect with healthcare professionals. Welzo.AI 2.0's advanced algorithms provide an unparalleled matching system, ensuring patients are connected with the most suitable healthcare professionals for their specific needs.

This structural change, all comes with the addition of 10,000 new pairing SKU’s to the algorithm. The introduction of over 10,000 new products, significantly expanding its inventory to include a wide array of personalized supplements. This vast expansion caters to the unique wellness needs of individuals, promoting a holistic approach to health that transcends traditional healthcare boundaries.

Welzo is also working on updates that will harness historical user data to construct intricate “healthcare personas”. This innovative feature is set to transform the healthcare experience, offering personalized healthcare journeys based on individual health histories, preferences, and large demographic data points.

Welzo Announces Launch in North America and GCC Region

Building on its success in the UK and EU, Welzo is expanding its operations to bring its innovative healthcare system to the GCC and North American regions. This expansion is driven by a vision to make personalized healthcare accessible on a global scale. By entering these markets, Welzo aims to address the diverse healthcare needs of these regions, providing access to its state-of-the-art online platform and services.

The expansion strategy is informed by extensive market research and a deep understanding of the healthcare landscapes in these areas. Welzo's approach is not just about entering new markets; it's about integrating into them, understanding local healthcare challenges, and offering solutions that resonate with local populations.

According to Welzo CEO, Adonis Hakkim, the company has been working on the expansion into the GCC region for over 8 months and has finally completed the translation of its systems into Arabic, making Welzo the first AI-powered marketplace in the Middle East.

Investor Confidence

The announcement of Welzo's latest milestones has significantly bolstered investor confidence, reflecting the market's belief in Welzo's vision and strategy. The enhancements to Welzo.AI and the strategic market expansion are indicators of Welzo's innovative capabilities and its potential to lead the global healthcare market. As a result, Welzo is now aiming for an ambitious valuation of $100 million, a target that speaks volumes about its achievements and future potential.

About Welzo

Founded with a vision to democratize healthcare, Welzo has quickly established itself as a leader in the online healthcare sector. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a patient-centric approach, Welzo has transformed the way healthcare services are delivered and accessed. With a strong focus on personalization and accessibility, Welzo is committed to improving health outcomes and making healthcare a seamless, integrated part of everyday life.


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