Black Marriage Day With Brooke and Xavier Carrington

A story of love and entrepreneurship

Black Marriage Day takes place on March 26th. Black Marriage Day officially began in 2003 in the United States. The purpose of Black Marriage Day is to emphasize the beauty of Black marriages and to celebrate couples for their sacrifices and loyalty.

We have an amazing couple that exemplifies love and partnership flawlessly.

Brooke and Xavier Carrington, both passionate creatives, initially crossed paths during their graduate studies in Boca Raton, FL. Their connection, rooted in a shared love for artistic expression, quickly evolved into a deep friendship that laid the foundation for their enduring marriage. Now, after 13 years of matrimony, their union has blossomed into a harmonious blend of love and partnership. The couple, blessed with a son and a daughter, relishes in the joys of family life, creating lasting memories through shared experiences, be it through travel, social events, or simple moments of laughter that further strengthen the bond they built as friends in graduate school. As successful business owners in the creative industry, Brooke and Xavier have seamlessly translated their shared passion into a thriving professional partnership, complementing their personal life with the joy of collaborative entrepreneurship.

They have several business ventures together including Brooke Deron Apparel, Wrapper's Delight The Wrap Culture and Balanced Behavior their podcast.

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