Caltex targets growth through expanding retail network offering customers high-quality fuels as a new part of SPRC

Caltex, by SPRC subsidiary, Star Fuels Marketing Limited (SFL), recently hosted “Caltex Retailer Convention 2024” underscoring its commitment to continuing investment and long-term growth in Thailand

The event recognized its retailers’ invaluable contributions and strong relationships within the Caltex retailer network nationwide and business partners. The company also unveiled Caltex’s future business directions to create more value and ensure continued success in the industry while targeting growth in the fuels retail business by 10% this year.

Mr. Robert Dobrik, Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited (SPRC) Director and Chief Executive Officer, explained that “The integration of Caltex-branded fuels marketing business and refining business of SPRC will create unique strategic advantages by combining our resources to optimize business value while creating significant growth. We have a long-term strategic investment plan and will operate our business reliably and safely to create trust and generate returns for shareholders and retailers. We will deliver services and high-quality fuels products to our customers nationwide under the “Caltex” and “Techron” brands by adding to their 75-year legacy in Thailand”.

During the Caltex Retailer Convention 2024, Mr. Shashank Nanavati, SPRC Executive Vice President, Commercial spoke of the company’s business and long-term investment plan, saying that “The integration of fuels marketing business and refining business of SPRC will enhance our brand value, enable the organization to become more agile and increase our competitiveness in Thailand. Our Caltex service station network will continue to grow sustainably and effectively with no changes in the support provided to business partners and retailers. We commit to developing and offering excellent products and services through fuel service stations under the Caltex brand”.

“Moreover, the company places a great emphasis on growing the business by continuing investments in offering products and services and marketing of products to a variety of partners in industries such as aviation, commerce, and industrial sectors. Our business targets include fuels retail network and non-oil partnership expansion to cover more areas nationwide”.

“We continue to position ourselves to innovate our services to meet ever-evolving consumer needs in order to elevate the customer experience and fuel our growth through the expansion of our flagship station network, retail partnerships at Caltex fuel service stations, as well as loyalty customer base. We will continue to make customers’ journey more enjoyable”, said Mr. Nanavati.

In 2023, the company has continued to grow stronger, enabling it to reach the retail growth target. Recently, the company has invested over 100 million baht in launching new advertising campaigns including the latest series promoting Caltex fuel with patented additive Techron, offering superior fuel power and fuel economy, with Mr. Nadech Kugimiya as the campaign’s presenter. In addition, the full marketing campaign leans more heavily towards online platforms with its main content targeting brand awareness, the products’ prominent features and direct engagement with consumers.

Mr. Weerapong Numtee, SPRC Vice President, Retail Sales elaborated on the details of the 2024 fuels retail business plan further, saying that, “Seeking new opportunities continues to be one of our first priorities. We study our target consumers’ behavior and conduct continual market research to keep up with the ever-changing consumers’ behavior and improve our business strategy in order to expand the retail service station network and sustainably grow the fuels retail business. In addition, we collaborate with various leading retail partners and local brands to improve services and provide customers with more convenience beyond refueling when visiting our stations. Customers have also been enjoying member benefits such as attractive co-promotion campaigns by earning and redeeming points through our Caltex Rewards program. At present, there are over 200,000 Caltex Rewards members. The company plans to expand its membership network to reach millions of members in the future”.

“The company will continue to invest in the local market and proactively pushes ahead with our business plan in parallel with sustainably driving the growth of the Caltex fuels retail business in Thailand”, concluded Mr. Drobrik.


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