Tree Trimming & Pruning in Memphis, A Case Study by Spruce Up Tree Care

Spruce Up Tree Care expertly handled a red oak after an ice storm recently, showcasing their removal & pruning prowess.

Trees play an important role in the urban ecosystems. They provide communities with fresh and clean air, regulate temperatures, and give these urban areas aesthetic value. Unfortunately, urban green spaces are not immune to extreme weather events, especially storms. The good news is that property owners can take proactive measures before the damaged trees become a danger to them or their properties. A perfect example is the Spruce Up Tree Care’s Case Study on a Red Oak Tree Trimming & Pruning Job in Memphis.

Earlier this year, a residential property owner in Memphis noted that a red oak in their property was a threat to the property and its residents after an ice storm. The 50 feet and 40 inches in diameter tree had a large, dead branch. In addition to the branch posing a danger, pruning it was the best decision as it could drain the tree of nutrients and water. However, the task came with its own challenges, including the tree’s location, which was in a fenced-in backyard, restricting easy access to its upper canopy.

Luckily, the Certified Arborist in Memphis TN has invested in a ​​bucket truck, which they used to access the damaged branch. Additionally, the team used a chipper truck to shred the branches and other wood debris into small pieces for disposal. As a company dedicated to ensuring the work is done faster and more effectively, the branch removal was done by a three-man crew. Thanks to Spruce Up Tree Care’s expertise and modern tools and equipment, a project that could have taken days and a lot of gambling lasted six hours.

Besides Spruce Up Tree Care having an in-depth knowledge of trees and biology, the specialists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). This certification not only signifies their commitment to upholding rigorous tree care standards but also assures adherence to society’s code of ethics. They include honesty, integrity, and objectivity when dealing with clients.

In addition to its expertise in handling urgent and delicate tasks like this, the company has always conducted comprehensive risk assessments in all its projects. By evaluating the stability and health of trees, the team minimizes accidents common in pruning and tree removal processes. Furthermore, they tailor their services by factoring in the tree species, health situation, and other factors such as trees’ size and age.

Spruce Up Tree Care also offers other services, including stump grinding, tree planting, tree cabling and bracing, fertilization, and pest and disease control. Like pruning and branch removal, the company goals remain the same: to enhance the safety and beauty of clients’ properties while promoting tree health.

About Spruce Up Tree Care

Spruce Up Tree Care is a premier source of certified arborist services. The company offers precise trimming, tree risk assessments, and tree planting services. These services ensure clients’ homes are not only visually appealing but also have clean air and shade. Recognizing each tree’s unique requirements, the certified professionals offer tailored care to ensure optimal health and vitality.

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