MrKrill memecoin launching on Solana on March 31 with a mission to save the ocean

MrKrill memecoin launching on Solana on March 31 with a mission to save the ocean

MrKrill, a memecoin with real-world utility, starts trading on Raydium and Jupiter DEXes on Solana on March 31, with a CEX listing already arranged. In a pioneering step, the project has allocated 10% of the supply towards marine conservation.

MrKrill: a splash of purpose in the ocean of Solana memes

As the memecoin market matures, projects need to step up and explore real-world utility and use cases – this is the opinion of the creators of MrKrill, a unique Solana memecoin centered on ocean conservation. With transparent tokenomics and a robust roadmap, MrKrill is gearing up for a grand launch on March 31. 

Krill are the cornerstone of the marine ecosystem – tiny crustaceans that serve as the main food for whales. As the population of krill keeps declining due to ocean warming and overfishing, whales start to suffer from a lack of food. 

Luckily, MrKrill is here to bring 100 billion $KRILL onto the market and raise awareness among the Solana memecoin army. Project CEO Karel (@mrkrillfounder) commented:

“Our formula is a win-win both for the investors and the environment. Token holders can contribute to important initiatives, and in return, they will enjoy exclusive benefits like event access and discounts. Instead of sending SOL to a random wallet, you’re helping save something beautiful and incredibly important – whales and their habitat.”

After launch, $KRILL holders will enjoy token staking, liquidity incentives, gamification, DAO-based governance and more.

10% of $KRILL supply to go to ocean conservation programs 

From the start, MrKrill committed to dedicate 10% of the total token supply, or 100 million $KRILL, to donations and organizations supporting ocean conservation, marine habitat restoration, anti-pollution campaigns, and similar initiatives. The project is working with a team of environmental conservation specialists to make sure that the tokens will go to the most impactful NGOs. 

$KRILL listing on Raydium and Jupiter on March 31

$KRILL will go live on March 31 on the two leading Solana DEX platforms, Jupiter and Raydium in the SOL-KRILL trading pair. Users can buy $KRILL with any Solana wallet (Phantom, Solflare, etc.).

The team has already booked a CEX listing for the period immediately following the DEX listing. 

Potential backers can explore the detailed White Paper of MrKrilll, which also features a fair and transparent tokenomics model that reflects its commitment to its cause.. 

For more information on MrKrill and $KRILL, refer to the official website, Telegram, and X (formerly Twitter)


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