West Coast to Paris: Your Ultimate Prep for Olympic Adventure!

Prepare for Olympic adventure in Paris: Tickets, lodging, and exploration.

The 2024 Olympics are coming to the city of love, Paris! It will be a time for joy, glamour, and adventure. However, before you pack your belongings and catch the next flight to Paris, let’s explore some things you need for the trip.

You Do Not Need a Visa

You do not need a visa if you intend to stay in Paris for less than 90 days and hold an American passport. This makes your Miami to Paris trip a lot easier to plan. However, if your passport is not from America, the EU, or Britain, head to the France immigration portal and check the requirements. They differ according to the jurisdiction of the passport.

Know Where the Olympics Will Be Taking Place

Before you book your hotel, you may want to know where the Olympics will take place. There will be 15 Olympics and 11 Paralympic fields across various suburbs such as Seine-et-Marne, Hauts-de-Seine, and Seine-St-Denis. Many ball games will take place in Lyon, Nantes, and Nice, among other cities. Surfing will take place on the island of Tahiti. If you have a special preference for a game, please check where it will take place and book your stay accordingly.

Buy Your Tickets Beforehand

You can only buy tickets on the official Olympics site, as unauthorized ticket resale is an offense under French law. There have been three phases of ticket sales, but there is still a chance you can buy a ticket to your favorite competition. Ticket prices differ depending on the event that you wish to attend. Remember, you can only buy a maximum of 30 tickets per account, with six per online session.

Book Your Room as Soon as You Can

Due to the high number of expected visitors to France, hotel rooms and Airbnb listing prices have already spiked several times over. You can save on accommodation costs by staying a distance away from the sites hosting the main events. However, you will have to plan for the commute.

On the other hand, if you are coming to Paris as a group, consider group accommodation, as it is cheaper than individual accommodation. Book your accommodation as soon as possible, as room prices are going up each day.

Get Ready for Adventure in Paris

Come prepared to have the time of your life in Paris. Pack clothing you can layer up if it gets cold in the evenings. You may also want to check out other areas of interest you may visit in France.

Apart from the well-known attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, there are several other hidden gems, like the Museum of Fairground Arts, Bercy Village, and the Great Mosque of Paris. Plan your itinerary to cover these places between various events.

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