Why is my Tineco vacuum not turning ON?

To sum up, these are the effective steps to resolve the turning-on problem with Tineco vacuum cleaners.

Why is my Tineco vacuum not turning ON?

Why is my Tineco vacuum not turning ON? It’s a common issue people face and might be the issue with charging. Therefore, we always recommend users charge the machine completely and then try to turn it ON again. If I talk about the different models like iFloor or vacuum machine, the issue might be different and that’s why we are writing this blog. Read it carefully to detect the real problem and resolve it using the mentioned methods.

Read the Indicators First

On the LED display, you will see five indicators: air channel blockage, dust sensor defect, brush tangled indicator, power indicator, and battery indicator with red light. If any of the indicators blink, it means there is a blockage. Open the specific component like a roller, remove the clogging, and it’s done. Similarly, charge the machine 100% if the battery indicator is red.

A11 Hero MoonStone Tineco Vacuum: Won’t Turn ON

The first thing to do is verify whether the device is fully charged. This model comes with two rechargeable batteries and takes from 15-60 minutes to charge 100%. If not,

  • Remove the dustbin and clean its filter.

  • The seal rings are important but sometimes clogged with dust. Therefore, clean the mesh filter and seal rings and make sure they are attached in good shape.

  • Eliminate all the dust and blockages from the tube.

  • Open the brush roller lid and remove the wrapped hair and other debris. Similarly, it’s important to clean the brush connectors to place them in their place properly.

  • Analyze the main body thoroughly and empty the clogged part from the motor air inlet.

A11 Master Emerald Tineco Vacuum: Won’t Turn ON

Remember to check that the battery is fully charged, and this model also takes 15-60 minutes to charge. Otherwise, follow these steps to troubleshoot this problem.

  • Make sure to check the filter and dustbin. Remove the filter and basket and clean it properly. Remove the debris and clogged particles.

  • Clean the tube and power brush. Remove the wrapped hair and blockages, and clean the connectors.

  • Eliminate all the blockages, hair, dust, and debris from the main body.

Tenico Pure One S12 M: Won’t turn ON

This Tenico model commonly raises this problem. It might be some technical issue or problem in any part but here are some hacks to resolve it.

  • Check the charging and recharge it if needed.

  • Overheating is the main concern in this model; therefore, the motor must be checked to avoid overheating. If the motor is overheated, keep it idle for a few minutes and turn it ON again when it cools down. Try to use it with breaks to avoid overheating.

  • Open the main body and eliminate all the blockages of the tube. Check the motor inlet and outlet because they must be clean.

  • Open the roller and remove the hair and debris from the power brush.

  • Make sure everything is clean, especially the air inlet in the filter.

Tineco Pure One S12: Won’t Turn ON

It’s another amazing Tineco vacuum mop available in the market. If you face this problem, here is the troubleshooting guide.

  • Keep an eye on the display screen and notice the indicators. Indicators will tell you where the exact problem is in the device.

  • If the Air channel indicator is ON, clean it and remove the blockages.

  • If the dual sensor indicator is ON, make sure to clean it well.

  • If the brush tangles indicator is ON, it means the brush has some wrapped hair or the connectors are clogged with debris.

  • If the power indicator is blinking, it means the battery is not connected properly.

  • Lastly, if the battery indicator is blinking, recharge the battery.


To sum up, these are the effective steps to resolve the turning-on problem with Tineco vacuum cleaners. We have mentioned the steps for different Tineco vacuum cleaner models. So, whatever the model you have, this guide will help you resolve the issue without visiting the technician.


How do we fix the malfunctioning Tineco dust sensor?

Clean the dust sensor by detaching it from the body. Check its connectors and remove all the attached debris.

What is the function of lights on the Tineco vacuum?

Lights are the indicators of the vacuum cleaner. They update you about the current status of the machine so users can detect the problem immediately.

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