XMartial's Dojo Roadshow Across the USA

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The Jiu jitsu community got an electrifying shock to the system when XMartial burst onto the scene, like the cool kid in class who oozed style and substance, XMartial quickly made a mark on the industry and thanks to the community, their growth has been staggering. Xmartial proudly presents the Dojo Roadshow, the documentation of the core XMartial team, traveling across the US in an RV, affectionately known as the Jiu Jitu wagon, with a small dog called Kiki for security.

The Road Begins

XMartial’s founder and CEO, Josef Mogh, a digital nomad at heart, was able to build the brand while traveling the world, so the idea of a promotional roadtrip across the US was a no brainer. The brand wanted to become intimately engaged with the Jiu jitsu community, meeting some of their 300 sponsored athletes whilst sponsoring some new talent on the way. The team decided that while traveling, they would make the most iconic, hilarious, most amazing show ever conceived, the Dojo Roadshow. The jiu jitsu community is unlike any other in the martial arts space, they are a wild bunch, flashy and ostentatious, and XMartial wanted to feature them heavily in the show.

Across the US

There is no stopping the Dojo Roadshow now that it has some solid momentum, fuelled by the passionate community, as well as run-ins with some stars of the jiu jitsu world, Eddie Bravo, John Danaher, and Lex Friedman to name a few. The XMartial jiu jitsu wagon has made its way from Florida to Alabama, from Louisiana to Austin, from Dallas to Vegas, and to LA. Nowhere is safe! The RV nearly lost its roof on the way to Vegas as the team encountered a massive hurricane, possible sent their way by Level X Black. Strong winds could not stop the XMartial team, and they made it to Vegas for the PGF season 6 qualifiers in 10th Planet Henderson. XMartial would be sponsoring a team at the PGF later in the year.

Scouting New Talent

One of the core tenants of XMartial, is their unwavering support for the jiu jitsu community and the continued growth of the sport. XMartial gave away over $50,000 in FREE gear in 2023, helping kids and adults to train in style. They are always on the lookout for new talent to sponsor, with the focus not being more on exciting athletes than just those that win. Some of the most exciting young talent to join the XMartial roster include Sufina Grajo, JP Tran and Baby shark Joslyn Molina, all of whom will be contending for the youth championship at ADCC in August, and the XMartial team will be there supporting their army of young killers.

The Roadshow Continues

With some big events coming up, like the aforementioned ADCC youth championship and PGF, as well as the West coast trials, the XMartial team is well and truly entrenched in the jiu jitsu community, and the show continues. The XMartial team often drops into gyms unannounced to do fun challenges and giveaways, as well as offering sponsorships to committed athletes, why not reach out to them and request that they visit your gym too. Make sure to follow the team on social media channels(Facebook & YouTube) and check out the hottest new show in the martial arts world.


In the symphony of throws and submissions, the Dojo Roadshow stands as a testament to the power of connection and camaraderie. It beckons practitioners to embrace not only the art of BJJ but also the vibrant community that surrounds it. As the journey continues, XMartial reminds us that the true essence of BJJ lies not just in the techniques but in the bonds forged on the mats.

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