Empowering Young Women: Pamela Ebanks-Small’s Vision Celebrated at the Inaugural Queens Gala

Former Miss Cayman Islands 1992, Pamela Ebanks-Small, leads an initiative to empower girls through Girl Power Limited, a local non-profit organization.

The inaugural Queens Gala, a landmark event hosted by Girl Power Limited, spotlighted the empowerment and achievements of young women in an evening filled with inspiration and community spirit. Girl Power Ltd is a local non-for-profit that is responsible for Miss World Cayman, Miss Supranational Cayman and Girl Power Cayman, which is a free training and mentoring program for young ladies. Pamela Ebanks-Small, founder of Girl Power Limited and former Miss Cayman Islands 1992, played a pivotal role in orchestrating this successful gala, reflecting her dedication to nurturing and empowering the next generation of women.

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Miss Cayman Islands Queens (left to right):

  • Kelsie Bodden Chisholm - Miss World Cayman Islands 2018

  • Nicosia Lawson - Miss Cayman Islands 2008

  • Wendy Daykin Moore - Miss Cayman Islands 1978

  • Monyque Brooks - Miss Cayman Islands 2016

  • Patricia Jackson Patino-Langfitt - Miss Cayman Islands 1977

  • Jaci Patrick - Miss World Cayman Islands 2019

  • Melissa Bridgemohan - Miss Supranational 2023

  • Pamela Ebanks-Small - Miss Cayman Islands 1992

  • Cindy Breakspeare - Miss World 1976

  • Michele Aubert - Miss Cayman Islands 1989

  • Leanni Tibbetts - Miss World Cayman Islands 2022

  • Tonie Chisholm - Miss Cayman Islands 2015

  • Thora Crighton Bodden - Miss Cayman Islands 1984

  • Nichelle Welcome Scott - Miss Cayman Islands 2003

  • Donna Myrie - Miss Cayman Islands 1981

The event was a collaboration of efforts from government officials, past queens, supporters, and sponsors, all coming together to support the noble cause of uplifting young women. Ebanks-Small, in her address, shared her deep appreciation for the overwhelming support that made the gala not just a possibility but a resounding success.

Girl Power Limited, although in its infancy, carries a robust mission of inspiring, nurturing, and empowering young women to succeed in a competitive world. The gala underscored the organization's commitment to this mission, showcasing the positive impact of pageantry on confidence, resilience, and leadership among young women.

The support from entities such as the Ministry of Tourism, Cayman Airways, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Border Control, Labour and Culture and various local businesses has been instrumental in propelling Girl Power Limited's initiatives forward. This collaboration highlights the community's dedication to fostering an environment where young women can thrive.

The evening was also graced by the presence of Cindy Breakspeare, Miss World 1976, from Jamacia, whose keynote address added depth and inspiration to the gala. Her story, along with those of past queens, illuminated the transformative power of pageantry and its role in empowering women to become leaders and role models in their communities.

In reflecting on the gala, Pamela Ebanks-Small expressed her elation and gratitude:

"We are overjoyed with the results of our first Queens' Gala. It was a long-term dream of mine to be able to bring a past Miss World to Cayman as well as to have a formal gala. I could not have asked for a better night, nor could I have imagined it! The concept of the Queens' Gala is to shine a light on what our young women and titleholders have done in their careers and life since they were Miss Cayman Islands or Miss World Cayman Islands and represented the country internationally. Each table was assigned a “queen” which gave the attendees a chance to meet past/present titleholders and mingle with them.

The Gala highlighted Women's Empowerment and what our Caymanian women have achieved, which was the whole point of the gala, what pageantry does for young ladies, for their lives and career, it makes them more of a role model. And I think we were able to communicate that. That is all I wanted. I am happy with the success of the gala, and I am grateful to those who sponsored the gala."

The success of the inaugural Queens Gala sets a precedent for future events, with plans already in motion for the next gala. Girl Power Limited and Pamela Ebanks-Small and her committee, extend their heartfelt thanks to the Cayman community for their trust, support, and contributions to this empowering cause.

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