Substance Law: Pioneering Legal Guidance in Canada's Evolving Payment Industry

Substance Law leads in Canada's payment sector, offering innovative legal advice amid rapid industry changes.

 Substance Law, a leading legal advisory firm based in Toronto, has emerged as a cornerstone for businesses navigating the complex landscape of Canada's financial regulations. With the introduction of the Retail Payment Activities Act (RPAA), the firm stands at the forefront, offering unparalleled expertise and support to payment service providers (PSPs) across Canada.

The RPAA marks a significant milestone in Canada's approach to financial oversight, aiming to enhance the regulatory framework for retail payment activities. Substance Law, under the leadership of Harrison Jordan, has developed a comprehensive understanding of this act, ensuring that clients not only comply with new regulations but also thrive in this evolving environment.

  • Expertise in the Retail Payment Activities Act: Substance Law provides in-depth guidance on the RPAA, a groundbreaking legislation designed to regulate retail payment activities in Canada. The firm offers crucial insights into compliance, operational adjustments, and strategic planning for businesses affected by this act. 

  • Led by Industry Expert Harrison Jordan: At the helm of Substance Law is Harrison Jordan, a seasoned legal professional with a deep understanding of Canada's payment industry. Jordan's expertise has positioned the firm as a trusted advisor for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of payment regulations. 

  • Supporting Payment Service Providers: With the enactment of the RPAA, Payment Service Providers in Canada face new reporting obligations to the Bank of Canada. Substance Law offers critical support in understanding these obligations, ensuring that PSPs remain compliant and informed. 

About Substance Law

Substance Law is a premier legal firm specializing in financial regulations and payment systems in Canada. Led by Harrison Jordan, the firm offers comprehensive legal services to payment service providers and businesses engaged in retail payment activities. With a focus on the Retail Payment Activities Act and its implications for the industry, Substance Law is committed to ensuring its clients are well-prepared to meet new regulatory challenges.

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