Energy Design Systems Takes On EPIC2024

EPIC2024 was transformative for attendees, showcasing EDS's HVAC tools that enhance sales and support. Key speakers and the EDS President shared insights, leaving the community inspired for EPIC2025.

In a lively hub of innovation and inspiration, the EPIC2024 conference proved to be a game-changer for all the event attendees, including the Energy Design Systems (EDS) team. We emerged as a guru of software expertise and support for contractors seeking to elevate their game. Amidst a community of eager attendees, EDS successfully showcased our highly anticipated HVAC load calculator, home auditor, and lead generation tool, drawing in industry professionals of all levels with tools to increase leads, streamline HVAC sales processes, and experience unparalleled 24/7 customer support.

Inspiration Is In The Air

The atmosphere was electric as contractors from across North America gathered to explore the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Amongst the rows of booths and exhibits stood incredible talent, culture, and innovative business opportunities capturing the attention of attendees with relevant solutions designed to simplify and optimize their workflow.

"It was incredible to see the enthusiasm and curiosity of the attendees," remarked an EDS attendee. "These professionals were hungry for solutions that could help them not only improve their efficiency, but also enhance their overall customer experience." Attendess are surely looking forward to EPIC2025.

Speaking with Excellence

At the heart of EPIC2024 were the inspiring speakers who captivated audiences with their insights and experiences. From the soul-stirring melodies of Dustin Tavella to the strategic wisdom of Deion Sanders, each speaker left an indelible mark on the crowd, igniting a fire of motivation and determination.

Duncan Wardle's innovative thinking challenged listeners to break free from conventional boundaries and embrace creativity in their approach to effective business development. "And Robert Irvine's passion for excellence resonated deeply with everyone striving for success in their craft.

A Word From Our EDS President

Amidst all this excitement, EDS President, Drew Cameron, took the stage during a breakout session to share invaluable strategies on HVAC team training and effective sales processes. His wealth of knowledge and experience provided attendees with actionable insights to take their businesses to new heights.

Many claimed Drew's session was a game-changer. His emphasis on the importance of continuous training and personalized sales approaches resonated with everyone in the room. It was evident that he knew how to create lasting partnerships and impressions throughout his success journey.

A Final Thought

As the conference came to a close, the Energy Design Systems booth buzzed with activity as contractors eagerly engaged with our team to learn more about how EDS solutions can revolutionize their operations. From live demonstrations to thorough intentions, the EDS team went above and beyond to ensure that every visitor left feeling empowered and equipped to embrace the magic of HVAC software tools.

"We were blown away by the positive response we received," said an EDS team member. "The opportunity to connect with contractors face-to-face and demonstrate the tangible impact of our HVAC load calculator, home auditor, and lead generator was truly invaluable."

As we reflect on EPIC2024, the echoes of inspiration and innovation linger in the air, leaving us and the community of contractors inspired and equipped with ambition to thrive in an ever-evolving industry. Contact Energy Design Systems, a trusted ally and partner in the journey towards professional success, to learn more about how our software solutions can elevate your HVAC business.

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