NYC Construction Worker Deaths Skyrocket, Bronx Lawyer Jesse Minc Urges Action

Jesse Minc, a Bronx lawyer, demands action due to the rising deaths of NYC construction workers, as per the 2024 Deadly Skyline Report.

Jesse Minc Personal Injury Law, a construction accident law firm founded by attorney Jesse Minc, is urging immediate action to be taken for the soaring numbers of NYC construction worker deaths. Due to the release of the recent 2024 Deadly Skyline Report released by the NYCOSH, which highlights the understaffed conditions at the NYC Department of Buildings amid these rising deaths, Mr. Minc is fighting for the rights of construction workers.

According to the report, which features data from 2022, twenty-four construction workers died in New York City that year, a 20% increase from 2021. Statewide, 50 construction workers lost their lives. The report also highlights that non-union job sites posed the most dangerous conditions for these workers with 90% of worker deaths among those who were non-union workers.

The alarming statistics indicated in the report also revealed that OSHA fines for these fatalities decreased. The likely cause of this dramatic decrease is that OSHA inspections are still below pre-pandemic numbers. Mr. Minc has noted that this is due to a lack of enforcement of valid laws. As a Bronx construction accident lawyer, he is pushing for immediate change that will satisfy these enforcement requirements.

“Unfortunately, the incentive to complete jobs quickly is stronger than the incentive to complete them safely. The maxim in the construction industry that ‘fast work is dangerous work’ is proven true time and again,” Mr. Minc stated.

It’s a problem caused by many factors, including general contractors who push for quick completion to avoid losing profitability, rising labor costs, scarcity of labor, and increased budgetary pressures. The labor shortage also means that contractors often use unskilled labor through undocumented immigrants who have little to no training to fill voids and cut costs in one action. The result of these actions means poorer safety conditions for all construction workers.

Mr. Minc added, “The laws that are in place now are adequate. New York State provides the most comprehensive set of legal rights to injured workers in the nation, and enforcement is key, along with keeping safety standards in place.”

Violations of New York’s labor laws are already creating more legal claims. Construction workers should know what to do to protect themselves, though many are unaware of the protections provided to them under the law. Mr. Minc is urging construction workers to seek legal counsel in the event of a construction accident, citing the need to consult an attorney who has familiarity with the specific rules. Construction accidents should be reported promptly, as should any fraudulent or embellished claims to protect workers’ rights.

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