TRUE Announces Second Stage of Exclusive Loyalty NFT Drop: Early Users to Receive Upcoming $TFT Tokens

TRUE's Loyalty NFT Drop rewards early users with upcoming $TFT tokens.

TRUE, the groundbreaking ecosystem at the intersection of iGaming and blockchain solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of the second stage of its exclusive Loyalty NFT Token offering (NTO). This initiative aims to reward early users and supporters with upcoming $TFT tokens, providing them with an opportunity to be part of the TRUE ecosystem's growth from the outset.

TRUE’s Loyalty NTO is excited to continue offering its community a chance to participate in the project on favorable terms. The Loyalty NFT Drop represents a unique opportunity for early adopters to secure discounted $TFT tokens before they are made available to the broader public.

The second stage of TRUE's Loyalty NFT Drop builds upon the success of the initial phase, which saw overwhelming participation and allocation of over 800 NFTs, totaling a combined value of $1.4 million. Now, TRUE is inviting even more users to join the journey and become part of a vibrant community that values commitment to digital innovation.

Dan Andrianov, CEO of TRUE, expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing NFT drop, stating, "The NTO launched spectacularly, with the first round wrapping up almost instantly."

He further emphasized the significance of loyalty within the TRUE ecosystem, remarking, "Stepping into TRUE means entering a realm where loyalty brings diverse rewards. With TRUE, it's more than just holding digital assets; it’s about being part of a community that values your commitment to digital innovation, all while seeing your investments grow significantly."

The Loyalty NFT Drop offers participants a chance to acquire bespoke NFT packages, part of a limited TRUE Loyalty collection, at discounted rates. These NFT packages contain $TFT tokens ranging from 100 to 500,000, along with additional exclusive perks from the TRUE team. Moreover, NFT holders become eligible for various prizes, including a share of $330,000 in tokens, 10 ETH, extra status cards, TRUE-themed merch, and tokenized gifts from the company’s partners.

During the second stage, TRUE is offering three NFT packages priced at 50, 250, and 500 USDT, respectively. Additionally, there is a premium NFT available for 500,000 USDT, which includes the most appealing allocation of 500,000 TFT tokens and the Black level status card with numerous privileges.

The decision to utilize NTO for token distribution underscores TRUE's commitment to transparency, safety, and convenience for its supporters. Backed by TFT tokens, these NFTs serve as proof-of-purchase, ensuring that participants' allocations are secured by the blockchain and will be credited to their wallets within the designated period.

Upon the commencement of the Token Generation Event (TGE), a one-year vesting period will begin, during which the tokens will be unlocked in equal parts each month. This approach aligns with TRUE's vision of fostering long-term engagement and commitment among its community members.

In addition to serving as the foundation for the TRUE ecosystem, $TFT tokens will play a pivotal role in various activities, including play-to-earn games, daily bonus games, staking, farming, and the groundbreaking iGaming metaverse, TRUE World. TRUE World represents the culmination of TRUE's efforts, providing users with a unique platform to enjoy their favorite games while interacting with others in ways previously unimaginable.

TRUE is committed to revolutionizing the iGaming industry by seamlessly integrating Web3 technologies with innovative gameplay experiences. With over 4 million players engaging with their in-house games annually and more than 16,000 third-party projects set to incorporate their blockchain infrastructure, TRUE is poised for exponential growth and continued success.

About TRUE

TRUE is a seamless fusion of products that skillfully integrate the exciting world of Web3 with a highly profitable iGaming industry. TRUE encompasses two key business sectors: a game development studio, TRUE Games, and a blockchain-powered platform, TRUE App, which together forms the foundation for developing the world’s first iGaming metaverse, TRUE World. Over 4 million players engage with their in-house games annually, while more than 16,000 third-party projects are about to incorporate their blockchain infrastructure to enhance user retention and profits. The company has established itself as a robust and reliable industry player, having managed to grow in revenue throughout the bear market and cross the breakeven point in Q4 2023. TRUE has a fully transparent team and an influential advisory board. Whereas SoftSwiss, a frontrunner in iGaming tech, supports it as a primary investor, alongside various other distinguished funds.

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