From Zero to Hero: How to Gain Massive Likes on Your Facebook Posts

Boost Facebook likes: Create a group, mention in newsletters, post targeted content, host Q&A, use videos, buy likes, add link to emails, host giveaways.

With more than 2 billion active users worldwide, Facebook has become one of the most significant parts of everyday social lives. The wide audience reach is making every brand and business use Facebook for marketing and brand awareness. However, to get your Facebook page to show up in the feeds of the target audience requires getting more likes on the platform. Someone who is following your page doesn’t mean they necessarily like your page and posts. To help you gain massive likes on Facebook posts and achieve maximum results, you can use the following hacks.

Create a Facebook group.

More than 1.4 billion people engage in Facebook groups. So, creating a Facebook group would be the best way to develop a loyal community using your brand. You must develop a give-and-take relationship with your potential group members to create a helpful group on Facebook. Participants will trust your group and engage with it when you provide enough value to them by assisting them with their difficulties. Once you develop a strong bond with your group members, you can ask them to like your posts.

Mention the Facebook page in your newsletter.

Leveraging the existing audience you have already developed a connection with is another trick to boost likes on your Facebook posts. If you have a wider audience for your email newsletter, you can use them for your Facebook campaign because subscribers can like your page without requiring finding it on the platform. Add the URL of your Facebook page to the welcome email of your newsletter. Whenever any person signs up with your official newsletter, they can engage with your Facebook page.

Use audience-targeted content.

Do you know that around 58.8% of people like Facebook pages? Don’t you know why they liked the pages in the first place? It is because they are interested in promotions and exclusive discounts available online. Therefore, posting audience-targeted content like exciting discounts can get more people to like your Facebook page.

Try to upload photos rather than plain text to increase the engagement rate. When uploading audience-centered content, follow the rule of thirds. Add your promos or special offers in the first 1/3rd of your posts. In the second 1/3rd, share UGC (user-generated content) while in the final 1/3rd of your posts, mention your brand’s fans.

Host Q&A sessions.

Asking questions on Facebook posts boosts interactions by around 162% than those without questions. So, ask relevant questions associated with your niche to gain more likes and engagement. To increase engagement metrics by twice, ask a question and upload a photo. Also, you can install Facebook Feed Pro to enable embeds and automatically set your post on your site by pasting the post URL to WordPress.

Take advantage of Facebook videos.

Another best way you can use to get more likes on Facebook is to broadcast live videos on the platform. Live videos that generate conversations will appear higher in Facebook’s news feed. These videos receive six times as many interactions as regular videos. Their appearance on the news feed will allow friends of your fans to explore your brand and engage with your page.

To start live videos, tap Live on your Facebook page and work on the onscreen instructions. The best thing is that your audience will be notified automatically whenever you broadcast live videos. Additionally, you can enhance the relevance of your videos when you also show them on your website. As a result, your website visitors will find your page on Facebook and like your posts.

Buy Facebook likes.

It is safe and logical to buy Facebook post likes because by receiving many genuine likes, you can promote your posts effectively no matter what. Since the likes you buy are real, there will be no risk of losing your brand engagement. The delivery timeframe may vary based on the service selected and the service provider. The fake likes are delivered instantly, while organic and genuine likes might take a little longer because they encompass interaction with real users. Be sure the likes you are purchasing are real as fake likes may result in getting your page penalized.

Add a Facebook link to your email.

Email marketing is a traditional form of marketing that still plays a pivotal role in brand awareness and promotion. You can use emails to increase your Facebook post likes. This is the best hack if you used to send a lot of emails per day to a large audience. Add the URL of your Facebook page to your email signature. This will allow recipients to check the address of your Facebook page.

To add a Facebook URL to an email signature, reach the Settings section in your email account and change the Signature details. Another way to leverage email for your Facebook likes is to ask your customers to like your page or post by sending a quick message when they thank you for solving their problems.

Host a Facebook giveaway.

According to a recent report, 81% of marketers found interactive content such as contests to be a highly effective hack to drive the users’ attention. By hosting a giveaway on Facebook, you can gain more likes and increase brand engagement simultaneously.

If you are not tech-savvy and wondering how you can organize an effective Facebook giveaway, then don’t worry. You can use trusted tools to pick an appropriate template and host a giveaway with only a few clicks.


These are some of the simple tips that can bring you more Facebook post likes. Once you drive enough post likes, you can transform them into Facebook page likes. Invite users who have reacted to your posts earlier. If they have liked your posts, they are likely to engage with your page. As a result, you can get more likes on your Facebook page, grow your fans, expand your online presence, and improve your overall business in the long run.

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