Scientists at the Technofest Institute of technology have invented a new device for diabetic wound healing

Scientists at the Technofest Institute of technology have invented a new device for diabetic wound healing

Prof.Dr. Mehrdad fojlaley ,Dr. Abdolrashid Beiyki Zadeh, a postdoctoral researcher at Ardahan University, and Dr. Kave Azimzadeh, researchers at the Technofest Technology Institute in Belgium, after years of research, have been able to invent a device for diabetic wound healing using nano titanium plasma.

Dr. Abdolrashid Beiyki Zadeh said :

Diabetes, or sugar disease, is a common and disabling condition that can cause serious problems for the body's organs. One of these problems is chronic and treatment-resistant ulcers that typically develop on the feet of these patients. This condition is called diabetic foot.

The problems that occur in the feet of people with diabetes are due to two major factors caused by diabetes. These two problems are peripheral nerve disorders and reduced blood flow to the limbs.

Vascular disorder sets the stage for ulcer formation in the feet of diabetic individuals. The foot is the furthest part of the body from the heart and receives less blood compared to other tissues. That's why it's the first area to get cold in chilly weather.

Diabetes over the long term leads to reduced blood flow throughout the body, but this problem is more pronounced in the feet than in other areas. This makes wounds that normally heal quickly in the feet of others not heal well in these individuals because wound healing requires nutrients and oxygen delivered through the blood to the tissues.

Dr kave azimzade said :

Microbes also find a conducive environment and become active on the formed ulcer, causing infection. Due to reduced blood flow, fewer white blood cells also reach the wound site, leading to decreased tissue immune defense. Diabetes itself generally reduces the body's immune response. This leads to infection spreading in the wound and delays in its healing.

Another problem for diabetic individuals is peripheral nerve function disorder, which leads to decreased sensation in their feet. This reduced sensation causes dryness and the formation of cracks in the skin, creating a ground for ulcer formation.

Diabetes and the negative oxygen ion have been able to cover deficiencies in insulin levels in the blood in a way to revive the blood circulation system and strengthen the body's defense system, thus controlling and sometimes treating numerous problems and deficiencies caused by diabetes.

When used consecutively, the negative oxygen ion can create an opportunity to deactivate most pathogenic agents, stopping the severe and dangerous infection cycle and aiding wound healing. Additionally, stimulation of blood flow promotes essential nutritional and immune support for wound improvement in diabetes. Arterial stiffness is a condition where thickening and hardening of arteries in the body occur, posing a risk to the natural flexibility of blood vessels and causing disruption in blood supply to many parts of the body.

Prof Dr mehrdad fojlaley said :

Oxygen is a diatomic molecule that is inherently stable, and when we apply energy of 12 electron volts to the O2 molecule, it breaks the oxygen molecule and transforms it into negative oxygen ions. Since negative oxygen ions by themselves do not have an identity or definition in nature, they quickly react with surrounding microorganisms, oxidizing and eliminating them, and ultimately, besides re-disinfecting, they bond with each other again to convert back into oxygen. Following this rule, the range of oxygen is increased, leading to unimaginable tissue repair.

In this system, invented for the first time globally, plasma tubes are coated with nano-titanium on the cathode part and quartz is used between the anode and cathode. Quartz vibrates against the created electric field and does not allow gas production.

Research on this product has been completed in both animal and clinical studies and has won a gold medal at the Technofest Festival in Turkey.

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