CYBRO Presale: Priority Access for BLP Holders

CYBRO presale offers priority access for BLP token holders, facilitating entry into the ecosystem.

CYBRO, an innovative earn marketplace on the Blast blockchain, went live with its highly anticipated presale phase. This marks a significant milestone for the project as it offers early investors a unique opportunity to acquire CYBRO tokens at a discounted price, facilitating a favorable entry point into the ecosystem. To ensure priority access, CYBRO has partnered with BlastUP launchpad, granting BLP token holders exclusive participation rights in this limited-time event.

The presale phase is characterized by the allocation of 215 million CYBRO tokens, representing 21.5% of the total token supply. Scheduled for the third quarter of 2024, the token generation event will be followed by a strategic distribution plan designed to optimize investor returns. Following a three-month cliff period, CYBRO tokens will be distributed in equal portions over the subsequent nine months, minimizing potential market impact during the vesting period.

At the core of the CYBRO ecosystem lies its native token, which serves as a fundamental component in driving user engagement and platform utilization. As users participate in various yield-generating activities such as staking, farming, and lending, the CYBRO token provides rewards and incentives, enhancing overall profitability. Additionally, the platform offers streamlined cash-in and cash-out solutions, ensuring seamless transaction experiences for users.

As CYBRO continues to develop its utility and expand its ecosystem, investors can anticipate the introduction of additional features and functionalities aimed at further enhancing the token's value proposition. These developments are expected to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the CYBRO ecosystem, fostering long-term value for token holders.

What sets CYBRO apart is its commitment to delivering highly profitable products, leveraging Blast's robust payment infrastructure. By capitalizing on Blast's real payment capabilities, CYBRO offers users a unique opportunity to access lucrative earning opportunities within a secure and efficient environment. This strategic advantage, coupled with a comprehensive product roadmap, positions CYBRO as a leader in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, poised for exponential growth and innovation.


CYBRO is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the Blast blockchain, offering a versatile earn marketplace with opportunities for staking, farming, and lending. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, CYBRO features built-in DeFi protocol aggregators, seamless top-up and withdrawal experiences, and asset self-custody, ensuring users maintain full control of their funds. By combining Blast's APY with CYBRO token APY, the platform delivers competitive yields, establishing itself as the preferred destination for seamless crypto earnings and transactions.


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