How To Maximize ROI With Paid Ads: 10 Proven Strategies by Francois Beaudry

How To Maximize ROI With Paid Ads: 10 Proven Strategies by Francois Beaudry

With the increased number of brands and startups, standing distinct and achieving your marketing goals becomes difficult. Paid ads are one of the most effective strategies for quick success; however, they hold equal risks. You think of an ad, design it, and spend thousands to hundreds of dollars on it without a surefire way, leading to failure.

There are a lot of strategies you must implement to help you reach your goals. Here is where we have covered how to maximize ROI with paid ads, so let's dig into the details.

Why Is Francois Beaudry The Man Of Excellence?

Francois Beaudry is a veteran digital marketer who has served over 300 clients worldwide across the United States, France, Canada, and other regions. By running successful ad marketing campaigns, he even holds expertise in different areas of digital marketing apart from electronic warfare analysis. His journey from a solopreneur to the President and CEO of Via Communication is quite inspiring, and he has learned a lot from failures that led him to what he is today. To help the amateurs, Francois wishes to share his knowledge and strategic tips with the world.

How To Maximize ROI With Paid Ads: 10 Proven Strategies by Francois Beaudry

  1. Figure Out The Goals Accurately

Paid Ads are a digital marketing stint aimed towards a specific task, not generic requirements. Hence, to maximize ROI, Francois suggests that you figure out the goal through which you would achieve it. It includes whether the ad is for creating brand awareness, lead generation, capturing leads into the sales funnel, more visitors, or similar.

Consequently, with such metrics, you can be more precise and create an action plan accordingly. Next, rule out potential outcomes and measure them accordingly as it's quantifiable.

  1. Understand The Target Audience

The most crucial step towards your paid ads campaign is figuring out the potential target audience. Most marketers need to understand the likely target audience correctly.

Francois adds that considering the target audience from all perspectives is equally essential. For instance, a pepper spray manufacturer's audience won't be solely women. Even men gift it to their spouse for self-defense, whose proportion is much higher than women.

Similarly, understanding different aspects, such as their demographics, pain points, interests, and expectations, is vital. These would create a pattern distinguishing consumers from customers, and you can target the campaign accordingly. Afterward, a framework or actual prototype of what the target audience looks like for optimizing ads will be developed.

  1. Choose the Correct Ad Platform

Francois suggests that most marketers need to avoid running ad campaigns on the platform they can handle. However, the correct method is to choose an ad platform your target audience can resonate with, align the goals, and even the product/service type.

For instance, a makeup brand targeting middle-aged women should target Facebook Ads as most are comfortable using it. In contrast, a similar brand targeting young girls can run an ad campaign on Instagram as the age group is more active and engaged. Therefore, you can achieve the best results.

  1. Learn From Your Competitors

Depending on your target audience and product/service, figure out your competitors. Analyze their ad campaigns, trends, performance, design, type of ads, and the void they leave for improvement. Accordingly, take ideas and fill those gaps to perform ad campaigns better than your competitors.

  1. Set a Realistic Budget

Having a budget is quite essential for your paid marketing campaign. The budget should fulfill your requirements and must synchronize with your goals. Set a realistic budget that is feasible to pay for. Consider the different expenses that come your way and modify them as required for your requirements and strategy.

  1. Create Persuasive Ad Copy

Ad copies shouldn't be merely a vocabulary dictionary or a product description. Your ad copy should communicate with the audience according to their expectations, benefits, pain points, and needs. Be sure to use easy language when creating the ad copy.

Moreover, it should be concise for more customer retention. A clear CTA should be added so viewers can readily take action and increase CTR.

  1. Use Attractive Graphics

Graphics play a vital role in audience ads as these determine whether the audience all watch the ad or close. Good graphics, along with ad copy, grab attention and increase clicks while, vice versa, turn down people. Therefore, different visuals and test prototypes should be tried to determine the most attractive graphics.

  1. Experiment With Varied Ad Formats

In ad campaigns, there's only sometimes a one-size-fits-all option. The formats differ Depending on the target audience, product/service, and demographics. Accordingly, experiment with varied ones like images, videos, etc. You can also try different styles of images to choose which looks the best.

Further, A/B testing will determine the most impactful and persuasive one. Depending upon it, optimize the paid ad campaign accordingly.

  1. Monitor and Optimize

Monitor your ad campaigns for impressions, analytics, and how far they take you toward the goal. Some valuable metrics include CPC, CTR, conversion, etc. Accordingly, assess the factors that make your campaigns lag or the potential ways the campaigns perform better. Optimize and improve your ad campaigns depending on the results.

  1. Use Remarketing Strategies

As per Francois Beaudry, one of the most underrated ways of running a paid marketing campaign is to create one that targets the previous consumers, customers, and audience who have previously used the product/service or interacted with the ad. You can even reach out to them via cold emailing, calls, and other such forms of marketing to convert and retain them. It even establishes your brand loyalty and increases credibility.

Final Thoughts

If you were looking to learn how to maximize ROI with paid ads, then you would have gotten your answer. Various strategies help you achieve this, yet Francois Beaudry, with his experience, has suggested the most successful ways to work from his experience. Research and action are vital in running a successful marketing campaign. Moreover, take what you learn from your failures instead of giving up!

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