Remodelyng Announces UK Expansion: The Home Renovation Marketplace Connecting Homeowners with Reliable Contractors

Innovative online platform brings transparency and reliability to the UK’s home renovation industry, empowering homeowners with quality, vetted contractors.

Find the right local remodeling pro on
Find the right local remodeling pro on

Remodelyng, the pioneering online marketplace renowned for revolutionizing the American home renovation sector, today announced its expansion into the United Kingdom with the launch of This new platform adapts the successful American model to meet the unique needs and challenges of the UK market, providing a reliable, transparent pathway for homeowners to connect with expert contractors.

The Need for in the UK

The UK home renovation market frequently faces issues such as project delays, budget overruns, and variable contractor quality. A recent survey indicated that over 35% of UK homeowners report dissatisfaction with their renovation outcomes due to these factors. is set to change this narrative by introducing a rigorously vetted system ensuring reliability and quality.

Key Features of

- Rigorous Vetting Process: Contractors must pass a comprehensive evaluation including credit checks, customer satisfaction reviews, and evidence of quality craftsmanship to be listed.

- Exclusive Partnership Discounts: Strategic partnerships with top UK suppliers allow us to offer exclusive discounts on high-quality materials and services.

- Local Focus: Tailored services cater to unique aspects of British homes, including specialised renovations like damp proofing and heritage restoration.

Strategic Benefits for the UK Market supports the local economy by promoting skilled local craftsmen and ensuring that homeowners have access to the best possible resources for their renovation needs. The platform's introduction is also a step forward in raising the overall standards of transparency and accountability in the UK home improvement industry.

Future Plans and Aspirations

As grows, we plan to expand our reach to include even more areas across the UK and to continuously enhance our platform features based on homeowner feedback and technological advancements.


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