WNBA vs. NBA: Pay Gap, Revenue, Stats, Ball Size Comparison

Exploring WNBA vs NBA: Revenue, stats, pay gaps, ball size, 3-point line, & player height differences. Despite disparities, both enrich U.S. basketball culture.

As you may know, basketball is among the most popular sports in the United States. There are a lot of fans in both the WNBA and NBA. Though both leagues are passionate about the game, there are some significant differences between them. Well, in this article, we'll look at revenue, stats, ball size, three-point line variations, pay gaps, and height differences between the WNBA and the NBA.

WNBA vs NBA: Revenue and Salary Comparison

Clearly, the NBA has the lion's share of revenue and statistics. Therefore, the NBA generated much more revenue, which was $10.58 billion in 22-23, according to Statista. As a result, NBA players make an average salary of $10 million, and teams get more money in the 22-23 season. While on the other hand, the average salary of WNBA players in 2023 was 1000 US dollars, which is relatively low compared to the NBA players. As a result of this pay gap, essential discussions have taken place about gender equality in sports and the need to increase investment in women's basketball.

WNBA vs. NBA Stats

Aside from that, NBA players often have more impressive stats because of the faster pace and higher competition.

Player’s Highest Stats Of WNBA Vs NBA






























WNBA vs. NBA Ball Size

After comparing the salaries and revenue, let's examine the size of the ball. There is no noticeable difference in the size of the basketballs used in the WNBA and NBA. Even though both leagues use regulation-size basketballs, the WNBA uses a slightly smaller ball that is easier for players with smaller hands to handle.

  • WNBA Ball Size: 28.5" circumference
  • NBA Ball Size: 29.5" circumference
  • Difference: 1 inch approx.
  • WNBA Ball Weight: 20 ounces approx.
  • NBA Ball Weight: 20-22 ounces approx.

WNBA vs NBA: Three-Point Line Differences

In the WNBA, the three-point line is set at 20 feet and 6 inches, while in the NBA, it stretches to 22 feet in the corners and 23 feet and 9 inches elsewhere, with the NBA three-point line set further back than the WNBA's. These differences reflect varying shooting strategies and styles of play between the two leagues.

NBA vs. WNBA Players Height Differences

It is true that there are players of varying heights in both leagues, but NBA players tend to be taller than WNBA players on average. This height difference can also influence playing styles, strategies, and court positions. Here are the tallest and shortest players of both leagues.

Tallest WNBA vs NBA Players

  • Han Xu - 6'11"
  • Yao Ming - 7'6"

Shortest WNBA vs NBA Players

  • Crystal Dangerfield - 5'5''
  • Markquis Nowell - 5'7''


- How is the WNBA different from the NBA?

The WNBA and NBA differ in various aspects, including revenue, viewership, player salaries, and level of competition. Although both leagues follow the same basic basketball rules, they target different demographics and play differently.

- Has there ever been an NBA vs WNBA game?

Yes, there has been a historic NBA vs WNBA matchup. During the 2024 State Farm All-Star event, Stephen Curry, known for his incredible three-point shooting prowess, faced off against Sabrina Ionescu, one of the WNBA's finest shooters, in the first-ever 3-point challenge between the two leagues.

- Does the WNBA make less money than the NBA?

Yes, the WNBA generates less revenue than the NBA, resulting in lower player salaries and smaller team budgets. However, efforts are underway to increase investment in women's basketball and close the pay gap between the two leagues.

Although the WNBA and NBA differ in revenue, stats, ball size, and pay, both contribute to the rich tapestry of basketball in the United States. Undoubtedly, each league offers its unique brand of excitement and showcases its players' incredible talent and athleticism. It is our responsibility, as fans, to celebrate the diversity in basketball and to continue to support both the WNBA and NBA as they inspire future generations of athletes.

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