BuyMMOG Announces Plans for New Headquarters in Los Angeles

In response to significant growth and a recent $2 million revenue milestone, BuyMMOG reveals its strategy to establish a new operational hub in Los Angeles.

Revenue Milestone Achievement, an influential online retailer in the gaming industry, recently celebrated a significant financial milestone, surpassing $2 million in revenue. This achievement comes as a result of the company's sharp focus on selling popular in-game items, including highly sought-after Monopoly Go stickers and dice.

The company's trajectory has been notably steep, driven by a robust market demand and a strategic selection of products. This milestone not only marks a significant achievement but also sets the stage for the next phase of growth and expansion.

The Role of Monopoly Go in BuyMMOG’s Success

Monopoly Go has been a game-changer for, significantly influencing the company's rapid revenue growth. Since its introduction to the market, Monopoly Go items, especially the highly popular Monopoly Go stickers, have consistently been top sellers, driving a significant portion of the company's sales.

The game's unique appeal has captivated a large audience, leading to Monopoly Go stickers and dice becoming must-have items for many players. This surge in demand for Monopoly Go stickers not only bolstered’s sales figures but also reinforced its market position as a leading provider of in-game items.

Planning the Move to Los Angeles

Choosing Los Angeles as the future site for's headquarters is a strategic decision aligned with the company’s growth objectives. Los Angeles offers proximity to some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, as well as access to a vast pool of tech talent.

This move is anticipated to enhance the company’s operational efficiencies and expand its customer service capabilities. Furthermore, establishing a presence in Los Angeles positions at the heart of a major cultural and economic hub, fostering opportunities for networking and business partnerships.

Future Plans and Business Strategy

As prepares for its strategic move to Los Angeles, the company is not only focused on establishing a new headquarters but also on expanding its operations and strengthening its market presence. The LA move is a key part of’s larger strategic plan to enhance service delivery and foster growth.

Part of this expansion involves hiring locally to leverage the rich talent pool in Los Angeles, investing in the community, and exploring potential collaborations with other gaming and technology firms based in the region. These initiatives are designed to solidify’s reputation as a forward-thinking, innovative company in the competitive gaming market.

The company’s long-term objectives include not only broadening its product offerings but also enhancing user experience and customer engagement through state-of-the-art technology and innovative business practices.

Leadership Perspectives

CEO Deng Hao reflects on the company's recent achievements and the strategic move to Los Angeles. "Reaching the $2 million revenue milestone is not just a number—it's a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team," says Deng. "This success provides us with the foundation to take our operations to the next level."

"Establishing our headquarters in Los Angeles is a strategic step towards enhancing our operational capabilities and being at the center of innovation," Deng continues. "This move will allow us to tap into the extensive tech and gaming network in LA, driving further growth and innovation within"

Deng emphasizes the company’s commitment to its customers and stakeholders: "As we expand, our focus will remain on providing exceptional service and expanding our offerings to meet and exceed the expectations of our users around the globe."

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